Japan Releases Cafe Latte Flavored Water

Japanese Clear Latte explores flavored water trend with coffee fusion.

When you think of unusual Japanese beverages, your mind may wander to adventurous options such as alcoholic Coca-Cola or even drinkable strawberry shortcake, but perhaps after exhausting all other options, a recent trend of "clear drinks" and curiously flavored water has emerged in the country. Standouts include yogurt-flavored bottled water and even a puzzling bottled water that tastes exactly like milk tea, but it seems the next step in the step is a big one. Asahi beverages is trying their hand at the transparent drink front with a bottled clear latte.

Asahi states that the product, officially titled "Asahi Clear Latte from Delicious Water", contains an espresso extract from coffee beans, "milk ingredient components", and whey mineral concentrate that allows for a drink with the richness and flavor of a proper latte, but the appearance of water in what they are calling "clear espresso and milk". It's essentially latte flavored water, riding the aforementioned trend of fruity and dairy flavored waters that have gained traction in Japan.

The idea is that these sort of drinks provide a less sweet and low calorie alternative, while also appearing "more professional" in the workplace. Asahi says they are trying to appeal to older audiences with a coffee flavored water that contains zero fat and zero caffeine.

Our staff sampled the product to see just where it fit in between "transparent latte" and "latte flavored water" on the beverage spectrum.

As you can see, it lives up to its name with a clear pour just like any other bottled water. As Asahi says, the drink does provide a rich consistency about on par with most iced coffee, along with milky and light espresso finish. Unfortunately, some may find the "light" aspect of the drink a bit too much, almost as if one is drinking a cup of diluted coffee. At 124 yen and currently on sale around Japan, it's a chance to break up your ordinary coffee habits with coffee-flavored water.

Which, if you think about it, is pretty much what coffee is.

By - Big Neko.