Japan has no shortage of variety when it comes to interesting masks. Whether it be Japanese horror movie beauty masks or humongous, terrifying felt cat heads, there seems to be a piece of headgear to suit any hobby. But what if your hobby is lounging around your house pretending you're an orangutan? Fear not, ape-enthusiast, the super realistic "It's Me" orangutan mask from Japan has you covered!

The ultra-realistic orangutan masks are handmade by 13-year veteran modeling artist Masatoshi Asakai in conjunction with modeling workshop 91 (pronounced kyuu-ii). It's advertised as a way to spice up your social media photos with something quirky, but the Asakai says he's participated in the project because he wants more people to affordably get their hands on super-realistic animal masks.

Sculpture and design are painstaking, down to the last wrinkle.

Imagine waking your friends up to this lovely face.

"It's Me" is currently only sold in Japan via Yahoo Shopping at a price of 60,000 yen ($550.62 USD), which, while expensive, is quite a competitive price given what a financial commitment turning yourself into a gigantic feline nightmare can be.

By - Big Neko.