For cosplay enthusiasts like Yuria Fujino (@y_fujino01), who graciously allowed us to use her photo for our header image, May 10th is one of the best opportunities to showcase their cosplaying talents and show their appreciation for the maid theme. Already popular thanks to the ever-diversifying selection of maid cafes in Akihabara and other areas in major cities throughout Japan, the range of styles and variations on the theme continues to expand year by year. From classic maids to maid cafe-style maids, sexy boudoir maids, battling maids to animal maids and even maids from other planets, they could all be seen on social media throughout the day with the hashtag #メイドの日 (maid day).

We've rounded up some of the best posts we found on Twitter to highlight the variety existing within the genre.

Classic maid

Yuria Fujino shows off a classic maid outfit in this photo shoot by Sugahide (@suga_hide_).

Contemporary variations

Quite a few idols and entertainers got in on the Maid Day celebration. For example, Nagi Nemoto of Niji no Conquistador showed off a black and white maid outfit with red ears:

Aozora Sorano, who started out as a cosplayer before she became an idol, couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear a maid outfit in her signature sky blue color:

Mari Izumi, main vocal for Osaka based pop unit Natsu no Mamono, showed off two maid outfits, one a maid-cafe like costume with large embroidered hearts on the apron, and another one in character as Matsurika Shinoji from the manga and anime Maria Holic.

Cosplayer Kotona showed her love of maids with this cosplay shoot of a maid hard at work, wearing this cute maid outfit from Candy Fruits.

Popular young model and fashion leader Yutaro made his fans swoon with this maid cosplay.

Boudoir maid

Famous cosplayer Itsuki Akira dropped these gorgeous photos on her timeline, to the delight of her fans and admirers.

Battle maid

For many manga and anime fans, the first character that comes to mind at the mention of "battle maid" is Roberta from Black Lagoon. Occasional cosplayer zuboko posted this impressive version on her cosplay photos.

Anthropomorphic animal maid

Cosplayer Ebimirin made Fate/Grand Order fans happy with this adorable Tamamo Cat maid servant cosplay.

Alien maid

Ishokuhada ("unique skin") fashion trend pioneer Miyako, who we've previously featured, also joined in on the fun together with her friends, putting her unique spin on the maid theme.

If you'd like to see more Maid Day cosplay as well as illustrations, search for the hashtag #メイドの日 on Twitter or Instagram.

By - Ben K.