Photographer YASUTO (@yasuto8888) must have realized after the buzz surrounding previous photos that grandmother plus dog plus flowers is the perfect recipe for a movingly beautiful shot.

We shared this photo previously which manages to perfectly convey the photographer’s grandmother’s playful nature all in a whimsical spring setting.

Source: @yasuto8888

This winning combination is back for another photo to pull at our heartstrings. After the spring vibes of the last photo under cherry blossom trees, this new image has a more of a summery feeling. In a field of blooming poppies, the photographer’s grandmother takes her beloved pet for a walk.

Source: @yasuto8888

One photo can tell a whole story and Yasuto’s knack for capturing someone’s personality is on show again. As the grandmother bends down to make eye contact with the dog you can see the special bond they have with each other.

Even more interestingly, we get to see the pair through the photographer’s eyes. A beautiful sunny memory, the colourful flowers giving an almost dreamlike quality, isn’t that how we all see our loved ones in our mind’s eye?

Read our last article on YASUTO's work to see more, or just go check out his Twitter for more arresting scenes.

By - Jess.