Share Houses are becoming more popular in Japan

Although not as expensive as it was in 2012, when Tokyo ranked at the top of the list of most expensive cities in Asia to rent an apartment, Tokyo still remains a pricey city, which may seem like bad news if you're planning on living here on a limited budget. Thankfully, the number of cheaper alternatives to conventional rental agreements have increased in recent years. One such alternative is share houses. Almost unheard of twenty years ago, share houses have become a popular choice for students and young professionals.

Gran Toda, a new share house concept focused on wellness

Gran Toda, a new share house in Saitama Prefecture, less than half and hour away from Tokyo, proposes a new twist on the share house concept. While the prevailing notion of a share house in Japan is a place where Japanese people and foreigners eat together and live together to socialize and enjoy an international environment, Gran Toda proposes a share house centered on wellness under the motto of: "Play Hard, Stay Healthy, Work Smart."

Equipped with a full-featured gym featuring the military-style TRX suspension training system and guided training sessions offered three times a week, a spacious island system kitchen with cold-press juicers for making healthy drinks, and a running course map at the entrance of the house, Gran Toda keeps you motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Full-featured gym with TRX suspension training system

Cold-press juicers in the kitchen

Cafe space with a turntable for playing music

Running course map at the entrance

Change your Style, Change your Body~ Oakhouse body fat purchase campaign

Already reasonably priced for such comfortable and spacious facilities, Gran Toda becomes even cheaper if you simply lose weight and join training sessions! Not only can you get your second month of rent free, but if you lose 2 kilograms (4 lbs 6 oz.) in the first month, you'll get 10,000 JPY, and an additional 10,000 JPY for participating in three training sessions per week, all of which you can use towards your rent. The catch? You need to apply now while the campaign is in effect.

Details are on their website here, in English.

This promotional video gives you a good idea of the healthy lifestyle you can expect at Gran Toda:

Free Training and Open House Sessions

If you're interested in living at Gran Toda, why not visit and get a sample of the lifestyle with a free training lesson in the gym? The offer for a free second month of rent is valid for those who sign a contract after seeing the house.

  • Dates: June 3rd, June 10th, June 17th, June 24th (Sunday)
  • Times: 12:00-13:00. After the open house, training will start
  • Where: Gran Toda
  • Fee: None
  • Notes: Come dressed ready to exercise.
  • Apply online here.
  • Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

    All 36 rooms are equipped with bathtubs, toilets, plenty of storage space and a veranda.

    Indoor Living

    A spacious lounge and library is also on premises, so you can enjoy your indoor activities as well.


    • Address: Sasame, Toda-City, Saitama Prefecture
    • Closest Station: JR Saikyo Line, Toda Station
    • Distance from station: 16 minutes on foot
    • Number of rooms: 36
    • Rent: From 71,000 JPY / month, communal facility fee: 15,000 JPY / month
    • Contract fee: 50,000 JPY (one time only)
    • Note: This does not include special campaign discounts
    • Website: Gran Toda

By - Ben K.