Muscular crossplayers in Japan fight groping with their chests.

If you've ever been to an anime convention or cosplay event, you've likely run into cosplayers who really take their costumes to the next level with impressive physiques--such as the most amazing Master Roshi ever. Unfortunately, you may have also noticed that some attendees at these events interpret more revealing costumes as an invitation to gawk, stalk, and even lay their hands on the cosplayers--particularly women.

While the larger problem of that won't ever be resolved without a major collective attitude adjustment, at the very least, two muscular Japanese cosplayers are offering up themselves as a meat shield--literally--to discourage inappropriate touching of women at cosplay events. @ALL_SSR and @futa_free took to Twitter, cosplaying as female characters, showing off their bods, and with a message for perverts who can't keep their hands to themselves.

Seriously, it doesn't matter how revealing a girl cosplayer is, just because she's dressed like that doesn't mean she's OK with 'that'. Groping and the like is totally wrong. If you really want to touch a cosplayer's breasts, come over to us. We'll let you touch us a little. Although, only during an event!

You may remember @futa_free for previously fooling thousands of Twitter users to fall in love with him by posing in the infamous virgin-killing sweater.

As you can probably tell, both cosplayers are big lifting enthusiasts, but they supplement their weight training as makeup hobbyists. While many are applauding the message of the Tweet, it first gained traction because at first glance, many actually thought the two were women.

@ALL_SSR writes on his Twitter bio that he's just a weightlifting guitarist that enjoys makeup, but he's happy just to have anybody laugh a little at his Tweets. The two often goof around in with makeup and cosplay and talk about fitness in videos, and while their Tweet is somewhat in jest, they appreciate that people are spreading the message and taking a stand against some of the unacceptable behavior that happens at cosplay events. They may have to put up with a few extra hands on them, however.

By - Big Neko.