Japanese Twitter user and animal food art enthusiast, Nao (@england618) dazzled us before with dango formed into little shiba inu dog faces and butts. They looked delicious and adorable in equal measure, leaving us questioning if they were too cute to eat, or too tempting not to.

The ingenious food artist is back at it again with these beautiful steamed goldfish dumplings seemingly swimming around on a plate amongst some tufts of seaweed. Impressively, no synthetic colouring was used to achieve the finished result.

The underwater theme isn’t just limited to the appearance of these creations, the dumplings also have a shrimp filling.

Replies to the original tweet are mostly conflicted people typing out their internal ‘to eat or not to eat’ dialogue. But apart from this, some people replied to state that Nao's whimsical creations had transcended simple food and been elevated into the realms of art.

She certainly has a creative mind and an eye for colour. Based on their appetising appearance, there’s also little doubt that these goldfish are not just beautiful, but delicious too.

To eat or not to eat, truly is the question.

By - Jess.