On the surface, Chiitan☆ (the star is a necessary part of the name) is your everyday super adorable Japanese mascot. This bright-eyed otter of unclear gender is forever 0 years old and has a turtle that doubles up as both a hat and a pet. Just your average stuff.

Source: @love2chiitan

Chiitan☆ enjoys milk and helping, as well as compliments. This otter plays hard and is friends with all the children in the neighbourhood. The mascot’s biggest fear is all the children becoming adults and not wanting to play together anymore.

Source: @love2chiitan

The turtle hat/pet is called Kame-chan, we don’t know Kame-chan’s gender either but apparently the turtle is scary when mad and all it wants is to see Chiitan☆ happy. Aww.

Source: @love2chiitan

Although all this sounds like the usual soft stuff that yuru-chara mascots are made of, deep down, Chiitan☆ has a restless spirit. At heart this otter is an out and out no-holds-barred daredevil.

Chiitan☆ posts various daring and ridiculous challenges on social media.

Chiitan☆’s athleticism and tenacity is unparalleled.

Sometimes in Chiitan☆'s fervour, Kame-chan can bear the brunt of these stunts, much to the turtle’s detriment. (Maybe this falls under just wanting Chiitan☆ to be happy?)

The mascot really knows how to get hype before completing a daredevil challenge.

With outrageous stunts like this watch out Johnny Knoxville!

In the competitive world of Japanese mascots, it takes more than a cute concept to stick in people’s minds. Perhaps Chiitan☆ is the perfect mix of extremely adorable and extremely hardcore.

You can see a full collection of Chiitan☆'s funniest antics on Twitter Moments.

By - Jess.