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Here at grape Japan, we're always on the lookout for talented individuals representing the vivid palette of both traditional and modern expressions of Japanese art and culture. Drawing from classic and contemporary works of fiction, manga, anime, film and video games, Internet culture and much more, cosplay represents a still-evolving form of artistic expression potentially bringing together a broad range of skills beginning with photography, costume design, modeling and acting, and sometimes extending to marketing, digital design and publishing. While some cosplayers devote themselves to the art full-time, others engage in cosplay as only one of their many professional or non-professional activities.

In this regular series, we will focus our spotlight on charismatic individuals, mostly based in Japan, who have made a name for themselves in the field of cosplay both domestically and internationally.

Saki Miyamoto

A native of Chiba Prefecture, Saki Miyamoto, or Sakimi, as she's called by her fans, is known for her high-quality cosplay which has been picked up by numerous media and news sites. Her Twitter post in 2017 of her wearing a "virgin-slaying one-piece dress" caused a minor sensation and brought her more attention and further opportunities. She continues to expand her range of activities as a cosplayer, model, as well as a personality and video game livestreamer appearing on television and internet shows. In addition to making regular appearances in cosplay events and anime or game conventions within Japan, she has also participated anime conventions and cosplay events around the world.

If her charming smile looks familiar to our readers, you may have already seen her in grape Japan as a model in our articles on interesting and alluring products such as Mocolle's women's "hungry hamster" t-shirt and Bibi Lab's human pet house for people who want to be cats.


  • grape Japan: Since when have you been cosplaying?
  • Saki Miyamoto (Sakimi): Since 2006.
  • gJ: Why do you cosplay?
  • Sakimi: To begin with, I was already interested in anime, manga and games. But then, in 2006, I fell for a character in Code Geass called C.C. and I tried cosplaying her at home. That was my first time. I realized how fun it was to cosplay characters I admire and to become different versions of myself, so I just continued doing it. I haven't stopped to this day.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Do you have a particularly memorable cosplay experience?
  • Sakimi: That would be Kaede Takagaki from The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. She's truly a woman I admire. I just love her. I have so many of her outfits. When I cosplay her, I really put my heart into it!
  • gJ: Do you make your own cosplay outfits?
  • Sakimi: Yes, I do. Percentage-wise, I'd say my outfits are 70% home-made and 30% store-bought.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Do all the characters you cosplay have something in common? If so, what is it?
  • Sakimi: I don't know if it deserves to be called a point in common, but I suppose that many of the characters I cosplay are "older sister" types. Also, they tend to have beauty marks under their eyes.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Is there anything you particularly pay attention to when you cosplay?
  • Sakimi: When I cosplay a character, my golden rule is to always feel love for her and to do my best to get as close as I can to her in my portrayal. Visually speaking, I'm on the short side, so when I make costumes, I try to make sure the proportions are well-balanced when you look at the whole.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Out of all the Bibi Lab products you modeled for, do you have a personal favorite? If so, why?
  • Sakimi: The pet house for humans! I always wished I could become a cat but I could never have imagined that my wishes would come true in this way (laughs).

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Have you participated in events outside of Japan?
  • Sakimi: I've been to Japan Weekend Barcelona, Comic World of Asia in Shanghai and Fancy Frontier in Taiwan, for example.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Do you have any non-Japanese fans? If so, how do you interact with them?
  • Sakimi: Thankfully, I do! When I go to events abroad, I make sure to at least learn basic greetings in the language of that country! Also, since there are many people who can speak good Japanese and so many people are kind, I actually haven't had any problems so far. But I'd like to be able to take the initiative in communicating as well, so I'm studying English now.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Please tell us if you have any cosplay events you recommend in Japan.
  • Sakimi: I'd have to say Comic Market. I also like special "location events" that allow you to cosplay in places where you normally can't.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: What do you think is your most attractive feature?
  • Sakimi: My beauty mark below my left eye. It's in the same spot as Kaede Takagaki, so I'm quite fond of it.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: Do you have hobbies apart from cosplaying?
  • Sakimi: Traveling and drinking.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / Saki Miyamoto

  • gJ: What is your favorite food?
  • Sakimi: I like things that go well with alcohol. I particularly like mentaiko (salted pollock roe), shishamo (a saltwater smelt, usually grilled) ... and uncured ham.
  • gJ: Finally, would you like to say anything to grape Japan readers?
  • Sakimi: Thank you for being interested in Japan! I am involved in all kinds of activities, so I would be very happy if I had the chance to meet you all one day! :D

Saki Miyamoto: Information

  • Date of Birth: July 6th, 1989
  • Place: Chiba Prefecture
  • Height: 152 cm / 4'11"



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