Travelling in Japan for the first time is always sure to make a big impression on a visitor.

Usually people are surprised and even shocked to see the cleanliness of the streets and the politeness of the general Japanese population.

Japan’s famous manners are on show in this photo which was posted by user zozozeze73 to r/pics, a subreddit for photographs. The heading reads, ‘another reason why I love Japan’.

Source: zozozeze73

The photo shows Japanese people's strict adherence to rules, following the arrows on the stairs and only sticking to the 'up' side. The other side is shown in sharp contrast as completely empty. Rather than break the rules and get to their destination faster, they would rather ascend the stairs in an orderly and polite fashion.

It’s unclear where this photo was taken, but judging from the fact that the photographer could even stand in one place to take the photo it’s definitely not the Tokyo rush hour which, as Tokyo citizens can attest, does not look like this.

All the same, this photo is a testament to the Japanese adherence to rules and polite manners that keeps tourists from overseas impressed whenever they visit. Hopefully would-be tourists don't get their hopes up too high though, and contract the Tokyo version of the 'Paris Syndrome' if confronted with rush hour...

By - Jess.