Turn Your Cat Into A Napping Dessert With The Kitty Fruit Tart Bed

2017-12-07 05:09

Japanese online retailer Felissimo’s “Cat Club” (Neko-bu) division specializes in making feline related products, which can range from the strangely practical cat-paw socks that let you walk on hardwood floors a little more gracefully, to the quirky and mysteriously appealing lip gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose or scratch-and-sniff stickers that smell like cat tummies. They do, however, put out some items that both us humans and our feline friends can appreciate together–like this deliciously adorable fruit tart pet bed! Source: PR Times Source: PR Times Source: PR Times It’s called the “Nyanko Fruits Tart” (Kitty Fruits Tart), and the concept shouldn’t take too much explaining. It’s a…

‘The Most Stylish Bunny in the World’ Can Skilfully Portray Any Role

2017-12-06 03:22

PuiPui’s Instagram profile describes him as the most stylish bunny in the world. A hotly contested title, but with his vast wardrobe all hand-made to measure by his owner/stylist/photographer, he’s definitely in with a chance. PuiPui the bunnyさん(@mumitan)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 7月 25 7:14午前 PDT As any truly skilled model would be, PuiPui is comfortable portraying a variety of roles. PuiPui the bunnyさん(@mumitan)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 6月 4 5:15午前 PDT Despite being a Holland Lop rabbit from Japan he looks the very image of a member of the British Queen’s Guard. PuiPui the bunnyさん(@mumitan)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 11月 16 5:36午前 PST Can he even do justice to legendary literary figure Sherlock Holmes? Why,…

Japan Opens Up Its First Mini-Shiba Inu Cafe

2017-12-04 03:00

While recent years have seen Japan’s pet cafes expand to more “exotic” animals such as owls and otters, cats seem to have their paws on a majority share of the pet-staffed cafe market. Cat cafes in Japan have distinguished themselves with cosplaying cat cafes, cafes where customers can adopt kitties with FIV, and even Japan’s first ever cat cafe on a train. While there are definitely doggo cafes, they seem to lack in number compared to their feline counterparts. That may be changing, however, in a big way as the country’s first mini-Shiba Inu cafe just opened in Okayama Prefecture. あずきさん(@pokoazuki)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 11月 28 4:04午後 PST りょうこさん(@ryokyanp)がシェアした投稿 – 2017…

Hungry Hamster Shirt Turns Your Bust Into Bulging Hamster Cheeks

2017-12-01 01:36

Japanese apparel companies have had some fun exploiting T-shirt designs to give the appearance of a bigger bust as a gimmick, as seen with the “delusion mapping” grid shirt, but creative design brand Mocolle (whose official brand concept is “Wouldn’t it be nice if this existed?”) has a reputation for getting a bit more artistic with their crowdfunding efforts, as they often bring fantasy concepts to life. In the past, they’ve based some of their popular items, such as the Shinto shrine maiden swimsuit off of popular artwork. This time the organization is taking the design of hamster illustrator @saico0 to crowdfund the release of a T-shirt that turns your breasts…

$2,600 Premium Wagyu Beef Bento Is Japan’s Most Luxurious Lunch Box

2017-11-30 06:52

Whether you’re traveling around the country from the comfort of the bullet train or simply catching a lunch break, Japanese bento boxes provide some very delicious variety with your meal. Mom-and-pop bento shops offer up home-styled Japanese lunches on the cheap, school-kids can look forward to colorful character bento made by their parents, and those willing to spend a bit more can indulge their inner-foodie with fancier bento that offer premium delicacies from around the country. But even when rubbing elbows with the higher end of bento diners, you’re unlikely to come across someone enjoying as extravagant as this. Filling this wooden cow-silhouette bento box are premium cuts of wagyu…

Needle Felt Neko Atsume Buddies Are The Kitties You Don’t Need To Lure Into Your Backyard

2017-11-30 02:23

Smart Phone app sensation Neko Atsume (or Cat Collector, if you prefer) purred its way into a worldwide hit, resulting in several merchandise lineups of in-game items brought to life, its own official store, and even a movie. Depending on your smart phone game habits, your interest in keeping up with your virtual backyard kitties may have cooled, but the adorable characters of the game have sort of transcended the phone screen and joined the pantheon of cute characters and mascots in Japan, and perhaps these DIY needle felt craft Neko Atsume kitties may be the best way to bring your favorite felines to life. Source: PR Times There’s definitely…

Japan’s Adorable Cat-Shaped Bread Slices Return With Matcha And Black Kitten Varieties

2017-11-24 04:20

If you’ever been to a Japanese bakery, you’ve no doubt noticed a variety of tasty breads and pastries to choose from, but one recent tread, perhaps inspired by melon bread, is the baking of breads that mimic of the shape of something. In the past year, we’ve seen this with watermelon bread loaves and bunny-ear shaped bread, but the most recent, and perhaps popular of these was the pre-sliced cat-shaped bread loaves from the Blue Jin cafe and bakery at Osaka’s Hankyu Hotel. Now the Blue Jin Cafe and Bakery is adding a new wrinkle to its feline lineup with some new flavors. They’ve dubbed the new series the Ironeko…

Give Your Back A Deep Sea Cuddle Buddy With Giant Isopod Backpacks

2017-11-22 04:19

When Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard isn’t offering KFC-scented bath bombs and see-through schoolgirl outfits, they like to get creative with animal-themed goods, and it appears they have a bit of a soft spot for Giant Isopods. Village Vanguard looks to continue that trend with a new bag that falls somewhere between eyesore and adorable, with this crawly and furry Giant Isopod backpack. Source: PR Times Handmade designer ma-mo designed the bag, which is made out of a comfortable and lightweight sweat fabric. Under each shell lining is a zipper and separate compartment, the shell looks pretty realistic. Despite not being much of a “mainstream” cute animal, there is…

The Best Destinations in Japan for Each Season: Spring

2017-11-17 05:00

Cherry blossoms in bloom at Nara

Any area of Japan can be enjoyed any time of the year, but each passing month brings seasonally specific activities and natural phenomena, that mean different places reach their full potential at different times. All things considered, we’ve chosen what we think are the best destinations in Japan for each season. In part one, we kick it off with arguably Japan’s most loved season, spring. Number 1 Springtime Destination: Nara Here’s why. Starting with the obvious; cherry blossom viewing (hanami). Nara is home to what is called the best cherry blossom view in Japan, Mount Yoshino has 30,000 cherry blossom trees of different varieties, densely packed into the mountainside. The…

Tokyo Aquarium uses Projection Mapping to Create Deep Sea Dream World

2017-11-17 04:55

Winter illuminations aren’t just limited to parks and public areas, aquariums want to get in on the act too. Enoshima Aquarium is currently reprising their Night Wonder Aquarium. By adding projection mapping, illuminations and music to their usual exhibitions, they have created a mysterious and dream-like atmosphere. Only visitors attending the aquarium after 5pm can enjoy this special night time event. Source: Fashion Press Not the first time this aquarium has dabbled in projection mapping, ‘The Jellyfish Fantasy Hall’ can be viewed at Enoshima all year round. Watching jellyfish propel themselves around a tank is usually relaxing, but by adding projection mapping and special effect lighting, the experience has taken…

Cuteness Overload as Japan’s Tiniest Instagram Models Get Their Own Exhibition

2017-11-14 03:56

This month sees the opening of an exhibition and gift shop in Tokyo dedicated to tiny animals and tiny animals only, the Marutto Beastie Exhibition. Central to the exhibition is the work of Shota Tsukamoto, a salary man through the week, but at the weekend he plays personal photographer to his hedgehog, Matthew. Not just relying on pure cuteness, he uses interesting themes, props and dynamic compositions in his work, to elevate his already photogenic model to something almost ethereal. ✨🐷👼🐷✨ * #ぼんあむ帽子 のハロウィン天使ちゃんが待ちきれないので天使ごっこするブタさんたち😂 * カレンダーをお待ちの皆様! すみません、来年のカレンダーはダーシーのアメリカ版しか作っていません💦そして手元の在庫は先日のダーシーとマシュー展にて完売してしまいました🙇 * しかし!昨日カレンダー売り場へ行ったら全然ハリネズミさんがいなくて可哀想だったので、大急ぎで作ることにしました🏃💨 現在ダーシー&マシューの卓上サイズで進行しています。 月めくりですので例年と比べ薄っぺらいですが、デザインはめちゃ可愛く仕上げますので、楽しみにしててください😊🙏🏻✨ @bon_amu さんの帽子と @milcah_flower さんのお花 Shota Tsukamotoさん(@matthewthehedgehog)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 9月 1 6:26午前 PDT However, Matthew was not his first star…

Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes? Japanese Illustrator Gives Unexpected and Heartwarming Reason

2017-11-13 02:50

Much to the chagrin of cat owners everywhere, cats often seem to find less joy in their expensive scratch posts and more in the box it came in. A Japanese illustrator imagines an unconventional reason for this in this adorable comic. In the first few panels the cats get excited to clamber into a brand new box labelled ‘oranges’. The narrating speech bubbles explain that if you climb into a box and close your eyes, you can enter the box’s dream world. Source: Misako Jam Tsutsui Once the cats squeeze into the box they are suddenly transported to a tangerine grove in the countryside with beautiful views of the sea….

Japanese Artist Charms With Capybara, Shoebill, and Kitty “Fake Sweets”

2017-11-13 01:41

Japanese Twitter user and arts and crafts specialist @unamuu2014 does things a little different than previous food artists we’ve seen, who have gone as far as turning traditional Japanese sweets into adorable Shiba Inu butts. Rather than cook up recipes that end up being too cute to eat, @unamuu2014 focuses on what they call “fake sweets”–crafting adorable and artistic animals, but deliberately putting them into the shape of popular wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets. Recently, @unamuu2014 has garnered some attention on Twitter for a series of sweets shaped like Japanese manju. As you can see, the “fake sweets” manju come in the form of cats and capybara. Source: @unamuu2014 貝猫商事、再び冬の新作のお知らせです。弊社まんじうシリーズの新しい仲間として更に「迷菓カピバラまんじう」が加わりました。愛らしいカピバラの形をまんじうにまとめ上げ、こんがりと焼き上げました。お茶請けに、ご贈答等にご愛好下さいます様、宜しくお願い致します。…

30-Story-Tall Giant Panda Attacks Japanese Countryside

2017-11-09 12:02

Ever since Kangkang and Ranran were unveiled at Ueno Zoo in 1972 after the normalization of bilateral Sino-Japanese relations, famously resulting in a kilometer-long line and an unprecedented media frenzy, Japan has had a love affair with pandas which continues to the present day. And what’s not to love. Whether it’s a little panda adorably clinging to a keeper’s leg, or giving zookeepers a good workout with their boisterous play, Japanese people can’t seem to get enough of them. However, there was nothing small and adorable about the panda witnessed one windy afternoon in Saga prefecture last week. Twitter user @sportskids2010, a sports and outdoor activity enthusiast and fan of…

Cat Gets a Surprising Bust Enhancement

2017-11-08 08:15

Twitter user Fukurafuku made a surprising revelation about his 9-month-old ragdoll cat Fuku. In the span of only three months, Fuku-chan’s chest area seems to have gone up a few sizes! いや、胸毛(?)立派になりすぎやろ!😳 8月 → 11月 — ふくらふく (@huku_Ragdoll201) 2017年11月6日 Ragdolls are known for their soft silky semi-long hair, but this growth came as a surprise to Fuku-chan’s owner. Perhaps because November 11 is “Beautiful Chest Day” in Japan (because the number 11 can be read “i-i” which sounds like the word for “good”, and the number eight turned sideways looks like two breasts), Fukurafuku’s November 5 tweet saw a boost today, with 67,000 likes and 32,500 retweets at time…

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