Why This White Shiba Inu Has Become Instagram’s Favourite English Teacher

2018-11-15 12:14

Instagram pet celebrities aren’t exactly thin on the ground in Japan, and shiba inu, arguably the country’s favourite national breed, are among the most popular. Some are known for their stubborn habit of lying on the ground mid-walk and others gained fans for perfecting sexy poses. One famous twosome is Nana and Rin, a white shiba inu mum and daughter duo. View this post on Instagram 白柴凛と奈々(華)さん(@hanarin54)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年10月月21日午前12時00分PDT Generally the followers of the Instagram account enjoy photos of the fluffy antics just for calming and healing purposes after a stressful day, but one photo convinced Japanese Instagram that Nana is actually the cutest English teacher they’ve ever had. View…

Video of Munchkin Cat Sleeping in a Tiny Japanese Bed is So Wholesome

2018-11-13 03:20

Cat owners the world over grapple with the same problem. Spending a ton of money on elaborate cat toys, beds, towers and other trinkets that you were sure your pet would just love. Only for them to completely ignore it. Or just play with the box it came in instead. But this cat video has gone viral because it shows this, the rarest of victories for cat lovers. After buying an adorable cat-sized bed, the kitty is actually sleeping in it. View this post on Instagram 茶太郎💓きなこ💕短足兄妹🐾さん(@amaccho5160)がシェアした投稿 – 2017年12月月4日午前12時39分PST What makes it even cuter is that the bed is in the style of a traditional Japanese futon set. Munchkin cats…

Japanese Artist’s Charming Bunny Illustrations Will Hop Into Your Heart

2018-11-13 12:13

It’s hard to express the joy of living with a pet unless you actually have one, but Japanese illustrator and bunny lover Schinako (@schinako) may be doing as great a job as possible with her charming artwork. In her illustrations, Schinako shows some of the simple pleasures that these adorable and fascinating animals can bring to daily activities such as cooking, reading, or simply relaxing around the house. In her profile, she writes that she loves drawing “the happiness of bunny and bunny lovers”, and her delightful art style captures that perfectly. Source: Schinako The Fukushima based artist clearly understands the curious and affectionate nature of rabbits (inspired by her…

Cat Adorably Dumbfounded By First Encounter With Ice

2018-11-06 03:21

The world can be full of surprises for two-month-old cat just learning the ropes, and Japanese Instagram user and cat lover @ricorico_rico seems to have captured the picture perfect example of that with their adorable kitten, Bell. Bell has never been formally introduced to ice before, and her reaction upon seeing it has her frozen in her tracks–until she stands up and poses confused. View this post on Instagram 【First seeing ice 】 初めての氷🍧 🍼 @allcutecat さんがベルの動画を紹介してくれたにゃ ありがとにゃ(*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)💞 #Repost @allcutecat ・・・ First seeing ice 😊💛 From @ricorico_rico 🍼 #ベビベルちゃんシリーズ (2016.7.24) #icecube #고양이 #可愛 🍼 #関東にゃんこ部 #らぶにゃんるうむ #ねこのきもち #猫動画 #gato_cats #catsfollowers #mofmo#anan動物#catvideo #caturday #caturday365 #catmyboss #animaladdicts #fluffypack #catlifestyle #caturday #sosweetcats #catmyboss…

Give Your Feet Nine Adorable Lives With Cat-Shaped Japanese Geta Sandals

2018-11-06 09:38

Just when we thought we had seen the ultimate in Japanese summer feline fashion with cat-motif yukata, it turns out there is a purrfect pair for it in the form of cat-shaped traditional Japanese sandals, allowing cat-lovers to show off their fondness for kitties in style. Source: PR Times The three-piece series of cute cat sandals come courtesy of Nara-based geta (traditional Japanese elevated sandals) and footwear maker Narageta, and are called the Nyarageta–a pun combining the maker’s name with the Japanese word for “meow” (“Nya”). Narageta produces a variety of geta designs, combining traditional aesthetics and technique with modern technology for foot comfort and mobility. The Nyarageta are said…

Smart Dog Owner Gets His Own Back on Stubborn Shiba Inu

2018-11-05 05:14

As online shibe superstar Hana-chan proved time and time again, when a shiba inu says the walk is over, that walk is over. No amount of pulling on the lead can sway this Japanese breed’s resolve. It’s their world, and we’re just living in it. That is until now. A genius dog owner, learned in the ways of the shibe, applied a psychological technique that shook his pet dog to the core. 今日のゆうさん。 — 柴犬のゆう (@always_with_yu) 16 October 2018 The Twitter profile @always_with_yu documents life with a dog called Yu, who according to the description ‘will lie down anywhere’. There are several comical photos to back this claim up….

Lone Security Guard at Hiroshima Art Museum in Constant Battle with Cat Intruders: A Photo Collection

2018-11-01 05:31

The following photo exudes a very tense aura. You cannot help but feel like these are two adversaries, fated to engage in the same stand off again and again. Source: bijutsu1 The Japanese Art Museum in an Eternal Cat Battle The Onomichi City Museum of Art located in Hiroshima seems to have a large amount of stray cats living in the neighbourhood, who often try their luck at gaining entry to the galleries. Source: bijutsu1 Source: bijutsu1 Source: bijutsu1 Source: bijutsu1 These high brow cats will stop at nothing to contemplate the meaning of the museum’s artworks, and if that means entering without buying a ticket then so be it….

The Adorable Mini-Gardens And Animal Homes Of Japanese Countryside Drainage Pipes

2018-11-01 01:15

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of strolling through the Japanese countryside, you’ve likely been treated to a smorgasbord of sights, sounds, and even scents that can sometimes make it seem as if you’ve been spirited away by nature. Some of the most rewarding finds, however, aren’t in plain sight. Collector, photographer, and nature enthusiast sakanakudo helps shine a light on those hidden wonders by taking pictures of the tiny ecosystems inside Japanese drainage pipes: miniature gardens and animal homes! Source: @sakanakudo Source: @sakanakudo Sloping walls and structures such as these are found everywhere in hilly areas of Japan, and are meant to retain soil and mud from overflowing into…

Unbelievably Fast Japanese Cat Has People Wondering if it’s a Reincarnated Ninja

2018-10-31 01:27

Cats aren’t well known for their discipline. Many people try to train their cat to no avail and in the end, cats will probably just do as they please. Most people who try to call their cat over to them end up being given a judgmental glance unless they use food as a bribe. But as shown in this Twitter video, not only does this cat come to its owner on command, it does so at a lightning quick speed. You can actually hear the sound of the cat zipping across the room. 名前を呼ぶと光の速さで飛んできてくれる猫です — 川井いねこ (@ineko_kawai) 27 October 2018 After witnessing the greyish blur, the owner looks down…

Japanese Twitter Users Swoon Over “Super Sexy Squirrel” In Tokyo’s Inokashira Park

2018-10-30 03:40

With the amount of adorable animals commanding attention on the internet each day, it usually takes some particular features to truly stand out–such as this cat pulling off a perfect Demogorgon from Stranger Things Halloween costume, or a super stubborn Shiba who decides when a walk starts and stops. Japanese Twitter user and manga artist @boblim1204 may have found a worthy candidate while exploring the Inokashira Park Zoo, and shared this now viral picture of an “extremely sexy squirrel.” 今日リス園にも行ったけどむっちゃセクシーなリス撮れた — ぼぶ (@boblim1204) 2018年10月9日 Of course, while it’s simply a timely capture of a squirrel accidentally cupping its chest fur into a suggestive shape, Twitter users found themselves smitten…

Japanese Priest’s Breakfast Time with Four Cats is Charming Everyone on Twitter

2018-10-29 05:42

One of the most wholesome things on the internet right now is this Twitter account (@nasu_chourakuji) dedicated to documenting the four adorable cats resident at a temple in Tochigi prefecture, Japan. The cats seem to have a particularly close relationship with the head priest at the temple, as shown in this video where one is hiding in his sweater. 今日は外仕事の住職。 野良着でカンガルー。 — 那須の長楽寺 (@nasu_chourakuji) 28 October 2018 A video showing a usual breakfast time has been warming everyone’s hearts. The priest has a calm meal while surrounded by all four cats looking for treats. As he eats his own food, he periodically gives morsels to each of his feline…

Transforming Stranger Things Cat is Best Halloween Costume of the Year

2018-10-29 04:21

Japanese cosplay expertise, plus the excuse to use it thanks to Halloween, leads to amazing results every year. Some of the most innovative costumes can be seen on Japanese social media or even on the streets of Shibuya. But the best costume this year, could belong to a pet rather than a human. Behold, the Democat! ストレンジャーシングスの猫コスプレが恐ろしすぎる…!(※安全な素材です) — 栗林和明@CHOCOLATE (@kri1226) 27 October 2018 The ingenious costume is inspired by the Demogorgon, the monster from Netflix’s horror hit, Stranger Things. The dimension hopping creature has folds of flesh in place of a head, which open to reveal row upon row of sharp teeth and an open mouth. On this costume…

Belly Rub Japanese Scratch And Sniff Stationery That Smells Like Shiba Inu And Cat Tummies

2018-10-24 10:40

Japanese online retailer Felissimo’s YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) has featured some pretty adventurous products in past, including smartphone cases that let you simulate scratching a happy Shiba Inu’s belly, as well as scented lip gloss that replicates kissing a wet cat nose. Now the company combining belly-rubbing and fragrance and upping their creativity with scratch and sniff sheets scented with the fragrance of cat and Shiba Inu bellies! Source: PR Times Source: PR Times The sheets are exactly as described–stationery pads that depict happy-go-lucky Shiba Inu and cats exposing their bellies for stomach rubs. If you scratch or rub your fingers on the…

Watch a Rogue Raccoon Terrify Onlookers in Downtown Tokyo

2018-10-18 04:41

Akasaka, a commercial and residential district in Tokyo’s Minato ward, isn’t known as a hotspot for wildlife. However, the area surrounding a roadside tree was thrown into chaos when a rogue raccoon was seen climbing into it. This video from NHK News shows the moment he is eventually captured by animal control. But he nearly escapes a few times, eliciting screams from onlookers. 東京 港区赤坂のビル街にある街路樹にアライグマか騒然とする中、午後10時45分ごろに捕獲されました#nhk_news #nhk_video #あらいぐま — NHKニュース (@nhk_news) 17 October 2018 Comments from Japanese Twitter users lamented the rough treatment of such an adorable creature, but many others retorted that as cute as raccoons are, they can be vicious and are a danger to the public. While…

[PHOTOS] Sony Experiment: Dogs Recognize Robot ‘aibo’ as Living Creature

2018-10-16 04:19

Is it possible for “aibo,” the robotic dog, to live in symbiosis with a real canine? Sony announced in July the results of an experiment, conducted under the supervision of zoologist Tadaaki Imaizumi, where canine behavior was analyzed. Source: Sankei Shimbun According to the results, the dogs showed signs of consideration towards aibo, and in many cases they recognized aibo as a “living creature.” The experiment was conducted in two steps. First, the researchers observed how 13 dogs of different ages and breeds reacted when coming into initial contact with aibo. Source: Sankei Shimbun Nine out of the 13 approached aibo and took a sniff. Of the nine, six went…

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