This Shiba Inu Does The Cutest Tricks

2017-10-18 06:33

Shiba inu never cease to amaze us and melt our hearts with their adorable antics, mishaps, cute expressions and all sorts of canine cahoots. People enjoy showing theirs off on the internet every day and inventive owners show their love for their furry friends by making things like shiba inu head and butt dumplings and stretchable mini shiba inu face toys. So, little did it surprise when we found this suddenly going viral on the Japanese internet. Twitter user @orikopotos recorded her shiba doing the cutest thing on command. See for yourself: うちの愛犬の賢すぎる芸を見てほしい — ポトス (@orikopotos) 2017年10月16日 —“I want you to look at this trick. My dog is just…

Attention-Seeking Kittens Adorably Get In The Way When You Wear These Smartphone-Compatible Mittens

2017-10-17 06:58

If you’ve been reading Grape Japan for a while, you’ll probably recognize Japanese online retailer Felissimo and their YOU + MORE series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese), responsible for playful items like a fried prawn sleeping bag or a wearable blanket that turns you into a cow-abducting UFO. Whether by coincidence or by design, Felissimo, which contains all but the last two letters of the word “feline” in its name, is very fond of cats, to the point that they’ve created a sub-brand within this series called Neko-Bu (or Cat Club)! Under the Neko-Bu label, they’ve offered hooded cat pajamas and blanket cuddle buddies, even kitty…

Controversy Over Shooting of Bear Who Went For a Romp in an Elementary Schoolyard

2017-10-16 02:21

Incidents involving the Asian Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus), classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), have become more frequent in Japan as they grow accustomed to humans and are no longer frightened by bells and other warning devices. More aggressive than the bears of Eurasia and America, they have been known to occasionally attack humans. source: (C) Flickr / @Toshihiro Gamo A famous incident happened in September 2009, when a black bear attacked a group of tourists, mauling nine people and seriously injuring four at a bus station in Takayama, Gifu. Therefore, it’s quite reasonable to expect that residents in Takayama would be particularly wary…

These Stretchable Mini-Shiba Inu Faces Are The Best Stress Reliever Ever

2017-10-16 01:49

The adorable nature of Shiba Inu translate to just about anything, whether it be scratch and sniff Shiba Inu tummies or traditional Japanese sweets shaped like Shiba Inu faces and butts. Perhaps an-up-until now untapped source of cuteness lies in the stretchy and “mochi-like” cheeks of Japan’s favorite dog. If you’re not familiar, here’s a great example. Japanese Twitter user and crafts designer @trikotri222, however, seems to have realized that you don’t actually have to have your own Shiba Inu to experience that stretchy combination of joy and stress relief. Applying some creative elbow grease, @trikotri222 used their artistic skills with wool felt to craft this awesome stretchable Shiba Inu…

Rest in Peace Grape, The Penguin Who Loved a Cardboard Anime Cutout

2017-10-13 05:48

We’re sad to report that Grape, the Humboldt penguin at Tobu Zoo who became famous for his infatuation with a carboard cutout of Hululu, an anthropomorphic penguin from the popular anime Kemono Friends, has passed away. Grape, lovingly known as Grape-kun by his fans, was known for staring lovingly at his Hululu for hours on end, and always being at her side, at one point even requiring zookeepers to place him in a separate enclosure because he was no longer eating. やはり、気に入ってるみたいですね。今日も朝から見てます。 #けものフレンズ — 東武動物公園【公式】リュウくん (@tobuzoo7) 2017年4月26日 However, Grape, at 20 years old, was already at the end of the average lifespan for his species, and prone to illness….

This Japanese Wearable Blanket Turns You Into A Cow-Abducting UFO

2017-10-12 04:41

Japanese retailer Felissimo tends to focus on animal themed goods and novelty items, but their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) gravitates toward the more absurd, such as scratch and sniff snickers that smell like cat and Shiba Inu bellies, or gigantic fried shrimp pajamas. Not betraying that pattern, their latest offering is a wearable blanket that turns you into a UFO abducting an innocent cow! Source: PR Times It’s a simple “wearable blanket” and UFO hood two-piece set, but one pull of a string lets you shift between hovering alien spaceship and cow-abducting UFO. Shut the blanket like so for a UFO traveling through…

Japanese Feline-Themed Goods Retailer Releases Kitty Milk Scented Bath Powder

2017-10-12 02:49

Japanese retailer Felissimo has a subdivision of goods called Nekobu, or Cat Club, which features a variety of feline-themed items for cat lovers. However, they aren’t always satisfied to just give their products a kitty-aesthetic. In the past they’ve released lip gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose, cat-paw socks that let you walk on hardwood floors with feline grace, and scratch and sniff stickers that smell like cat tummies. You might think it would be hard up the creative ante there, but they might have just done that with their new bath powder that smells like milk for kittens. Source: PR Times Titled “Feel Like a Cat Crazy…

Epic Giant Straw Animals Emerge From Japanese Rice Harvest In Style

2017-10-10 02:53

Niigata prefecture’s Wara Art Festival has a very creative and imposing way of making use of the leftover rice straw (wara) from the harvests that take advantage of the prefecture’s abundant rice production (vital in sake, which the prefecture is famous for). The Wara Art Festival is a collaborative effort between Niigata City’s local tourism board and students from Musashino Art University. Running from 2008, the festival boasts the creative talents of the students, as well as showcases just how much leftover rice straw there is via impressively crafted giant straw animals. Source: Wara Art Matsuri This year’s tenth anniversary of the festival filled Uwasekigata Park with a herd of…

Starbucks Mt. Fuji You Are Here Mugs Give A Picturesque Tour Of Japan

2017-10-04 12:47

While it’s quite understandable to stray away from places you can always visit at home when traveling abroad (or simply try and step outside from under the corporate umbrella of chain restaurants), Starbucks in Japan has quite a selection of exclusive items that might entice even some of the more dedicated travelers. The menu often features seasonal items such as Sakura Cherry Blossom products and even off-the-wall types like Cherry Pie Fraps, and in terms of sightseeing, there is even a tatami-style Starbucks in Kyoto made from a century-old renovated traditional teahouse. What most coffee-drinking collectors gravitate towards, however, are the area-specific tumblers and mugs that Starbucks Japan offers. Tokyo,…

The Sight of Her Hamster Peacefully Asleep Makes Her Owner Forget All Her Troubles

2017-10-03 02:46

There’s a good reason hamsters are such popular pets. For one thing, they’re just so darned cute! We’ve seen them go go flat as a pancake, we’ve seen them in love with broccoli sprouts, we’ve seen them congregating as if they were in a church, and just being cute (or ugly?) In this case, however, we have a contender for hamsters cuteness. Animal lover and Twitter user @ticowillravi, proud owner of a corgi and a horde of hamsters currently numbering fourteen, just can’t get enough of her little ones. 仕事で疲れて帰ってきてもこの寝顔見たら疲れとか吹っ飛ぶから不思議✨ — ティコ🐹 (@ticowillravi) 2017年9月11日 “It’s amazing. No matter how tired I am when I come home from work, this…

Curious Cats Adopt Lifelike NieR: Automata Model As Their Adorable Guardian

2017-10-03 11:43

Part of the intrigue of the world of Square Enix’s NieR: Automata is discovering mechanical creatures that show behavior that isn’t quite as mindless and automated as one might expect. You might find yourself having a similar, but more heartwarming experience of that mystery when you look at these charming pictures by photographer and NieR fan @TkmemoCom. With the help of model designer @CBJimHeart and the fitting setting (and felines) of creative space and studio PAP (@minopap5461), he was able to capture these awesome shots of a seemingly defunct NieR: Automata machine caring for some playful cats! Source: @TkmemoCom Source: @TkmemoCom The foresty space around the photo studio (used often…

Put Up Your Paw For These Maneki-neko Day Poster Kitties

2017-09-29 01:01

If you have visited Japan and even if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen images of a Maneki-neko (literally, “beckoning cat”) statuette, a cat with one paw raised up in a welcoming gesture. Traditionally displayed in the front of shops to welcome good fortune and good luck, the cute Maneki-neko has become a favorite among collectors and can even be seen in antique shops throughout the world. source: (C) g-squid Since the Maneki-neko are so popular, perhaps it comes as no surprise that they have their own special day, and that happens to be today, September 29th! The date was chosen because the words for “fortune coming” in Japanese 来る福 (kuru…

Sleep Like A Bunny With These Fluffy Rabbit-Eared Pajamas

2017-09-21 12:03

Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard has always been a hub for adventurous and themed roomwear and pajamas. In the past, their online shop has offered super comfy kimono pajamas, fairy tale character-themed pajamas, and even a Japanese schoolgirl outfit that doubles as a kotatsu. The store is turning its eyes to animals for its latest release, however, with these fluffy one piece bunny-eared pajamas. Source: PR Times During colder seasons in Japan, it’s not uncommon to cozy up under the dangerously warming comfort of a kotatsu or more billowy pajamas to combat older houses or lack of central heating. These pajamas, called the “Rabbit Roomwear Fluffy One Piece”, provide…

It’s a Fukui Sharknado! Or is it?

2017-09-19 01:49

Sometimes, certain less populated prefectures of Japan which are less commonly frequented by tourists and less commonly known by average city-dwellers are characterized in popular culture as wild and dangerous. For the most part, such characterizations are tongue-in-cheek, and even the locals enjoy playing it up. This seems to be the case with Fukui, located in the central Chubu region of the Honshu island facing the Sea of Japan, and one of the least populated prefectures. This picture posted on Twitter last Saturday by @oyayubi_814, along with the caption: “Fukui…dangerous!” caused quite a stir. It would seem to be a hammerhead shark lying on a street gutter, clearly far removed…

Japan’s First Cat Cafe On A Train Purrs To An Adorable Success

2017-09-13 11:17

Japan’s love for cat cafes has yet to burn out. The feline trend has evolved beyond a simple opportunity to sip coffee and play with cats, and spawned interesting varieties that offer up incredibly luxurious cat host clubs, cafes with cosplaying kitties, and even opportunities to raise awareness for and adopt FIV+ cats. Recently, Japan continued the evolution of cat cafes by introducing the world’s first cat cafe train, courtesy of Yoro Railways. More photos from Sunday's first ever cat cafe train. One train in Japan with 30 kittens. For 2 1/2 hours, the cutest place on earth. #cats — Bill Adler (@billadler) 2017年9月11日 The event, hosted by Yoro…

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