TV Anime SSSS.GRIDMAN OP Band OxT Guests On Idol Unit @17’s Radio Show at @home cafe

2018-12-13 10:06

The @home cafe maid cafe in Akihabara, one of the most famous and established maid cafes in Japan, is normally packed with “masters” and “mistresses” from around the world who come to enjoy a special moment of sweet hospitality and entertainment paired with tasty dishes, desserts and drinks. However, on November 13th, on the 3rd floor, the mood was even more special than usual because the maids serving inside were members of the @17 idol unit, composed of active @home cafe maids. In addition, the cafe was hosting a special public recording of @17 no Gokitaku Shimasenka? あっとせぶんてぃーんのご帰宅しませんか? (@17’s Won’t You Come Home?), a weekly short radio show in which…

Japan’s Sightseeing Train Boasts Traditional and Stylish Interior Design Inspired by Kyoto Townhouses

2018-12-12 03:08

When touring around the Kansai area, there’s a whole lot to see and not always enough time. The easiest and most popular way to travel around is via Japan’s famously clean and efficient rail service. If you could spend the time taken travelling sightseeing and experiencing Japanese culture, you wouldn’t have to waste a single minute. The Kyo-train is a sightseeing express which allows you to take in the scenery in a luxury atmosphere. The Kyo-train GARAKU, which will set off from March next year is the second edition, which will go between Osaka Umeda and Kyoto Kawaramachi. With the concept of fully immersing passengers in a Kyoto atmosphere as…

Tokyo Disneyland Tease New Attraction in Behind the Scenes Video

2018-12-07 05:35

Tokyo Disneyland have previously announced their plans for an ambitious expansion project, the most expensive in the park’s history. Brand new themed areas will be added such as Frozen’s fictional kingdom of Arendelle and Peter Pan’s Neverland. As work is slowly progressing, Disney have given us a behind the scenes look at a brand new attraction being built. Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast will be the movie’s first ever ride through attraction, anywhere in the world and is the first time the main characters of Belle and the Beast have been made into animatronics. The video gives a cool insight into how Disneyland create the immersive worlds we…

Interview With Horipro International CEO Yoshitaka Hori (Part 3): The Business of Musicals

2018-12-07 01:46

Introduction In June 2018, Japanese entertainment giant HoriPro Inc. announced the creation of HoriPro International, a new company wholly owned by HoriPro, with the goal of aggressively expanding overseas with a focus on Asia. Aiming for the “creation of world-class specialists,” HoriPro International manages voice actors and music artists with international potential. May’n, Azusa Tadokoro, Ami Wajima, Machico, DJ YURIA, and cosplayer Liyuu are some of the more famous members in the current lineup. At the helm of HoriPro International is visionary leader Yoshitaka Hori, President & CEO of HoriPro Inc. A vital contributor to the HoriPro Group ever since he joined in 1993, Mr. Hori has been president since…

Petition For Original Neon Genesis Evangelion Dub Cast To Re-Dub Series For Netflix

2018-12-06 02:10

Anime fans rejoiced when Netflix announced during last week’s Anime Lineup Presentation event that they would stream Hideaki Anno’s megapopular and iconic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, as well as Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth and Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion films around the world next spring. While obviously excited, fans of the original dub voiced concerns over whether the original ADV Films dub would be featured, or if Netflix would choose to re-dub the classic series. As many longtime fans of the series identify Shinji, Rei, and Asuka with the voice acting performances of Spike Spencer, Amanda Winn Lee, and Tiffany Grant, the concern was understandable….

New Sake Bar Targets “27-Year-Old Office Ladies” With Ad Featuring Drunken Foreigner

2018-12-06 01:32

Are you a 27-year-old OL (office lady)? Are you curious about sake but never drink it because you don’t think it’s Insta-worthy and doesn’t fit into your idea of a happy, fulfilled life? If that describes you, then H View Corp. wants you to try a new concept bar opening up on December 12 in the Kamata area of Tokyo called “Hoisassa.” Oh, and for some reason, they think you’d also react positively to an advertisement of a drunken foreigner in a suit riding a rocking horse, yelling: “It’s all your fault, sake!” © PR Times, Inc. We’re not making this up. Their press release clearly states: Our target is…

Let’s All Take A Moment And Appreciate How Sumo Wrestlers Sign Autographs

2018-12-05 11:12

As very modest compensation for their grueling training and dedicated lifestyles, sumo wrestlers enjoy a bit of a revered status in Japan, and along with that comes a certain level of celebrity that means getting asked for your autograph a lot. However, sumo wrestlers don’t simply hand out signatures. They treat fans to tegata, or hand prints that both serve as an autograph and proud proof of the giant hands sumo use to batter their opponents. But when you have thousands of clamoring fans to please, you need to be as diligent in stamping as you are in an actual contest. A video below, posted by the Japan Sumo Association,…

Virtual Singer YuNi To Have Her First Live VR Concert on Xmas Eve

2018-12-04 08:34

(Updated: 12/13/18) A rising virtual star Virtual YouTuber and singer YuNi, whom we had the pleasure of interviewing earlier this year, has seen her channel steadily climbing the ranks, now in 8th place for video views at over 23.1 million plays and in 13th place for popularity with over 185,000 fans at time of writing. In addition to her nearly weekly updates of cover songs, she has collaborated with other VTubers, made appearances on Japanese television and even made her first virtual performance abroad at C3AFA in Singapore earlier this week. With permission from © Candee Inc. / © Ren Sakuragi With permission from © Candee Inc. / © Ren…

Inside the First Ever Official Wizarding World of Harry Potter Cafe in Japan

2018-12-03 05:09

Grab your robes and wands because the first ever official Wizarding World of Harry Potter Cafes have appeared, as if by magic, in Japan! To celebrate the release of the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, the cafe will open for a limited time only in two locations, Tokyo and down south in Fukuoka. We checked out the Tokyo venue in Shinjuku’s Mylord mall to sample all the delights of JK Rowling’s Wizarding World. Wizarding World of Harry Potter Cafe, Tokyo There’s two sections to the cafe, including a special area which can only be entered if you reserve online and order the set menu. This room…

Japanese Video Game Onesie For Lazy Gamers Is Equipped For Every Situation

2018-12-03 02:18

As many gamers know, the holiday season mostly consists of a steady diet of curling up with a blanket and rendering yourself immobile with the latest titles you were able to get your hands on. Fortunately, Japanese furniture brand Bauhutte has your back with a gaming onsie they are calling a “wearable blanket”–fully equipped with holes for headphones, controller access, and yes–even it’s own toilet system. The “4G for Gamers” is highly reminiscent of BIBILAB’s Dame-gi, another all in one wearable blanket specifically designed for those who want to live lazy as conveniently and comfortable as possible without ever removing their pajamas. Bahutte is marketing the onsie as an ultimate…

Mount Fuji Cosplay World Conference 2018: Cosplayers [Photos and Video]

2018-11-30 02:15

In the second of our three-part series on the 6th annual Mount Fuji Cosplay World Conference, an exciting and unique cosplay event held in Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture attended by over 1,800 cosplayers and 35,000 attendees (2017 numbers), we continue from last week’s overview report with a spotlight on individual cosplayers. Cosplayers in the Shopping Arcade Singles Photo: © grape Japan Name: Kiara Twitter: @kiara_erifor Character: Saber / Altria Pendragon from Fate/Grand Order Message: I work at maid cafe Erica Sparsa Photo: © grape Japan Name: Ageha* Twitter: @Cc510e Character: Roberta / Black Lagoon Message: Yes, it’s my own hair. I’m a bit proud of it (lol) Photo: © grape Japan…

Professional Anime Artist Continues Transforming His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Characters

2018-11-26 02:43

In the past we’ve had the pleasure of introducing Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) and the collaborative series of artwork he produces with his two sons titled “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”. Working together, Romain takes the deceivingly simple looking (but definitely creative) doodles and sketches made by his sons, and then applies his skills as a professional animator to turn them into detailed illustrations that help shine a light on the imaginative power of character design and world building that can stem from a child and a piece of paper. In the series (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,…

Final Fantasy Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano Designs Awesome Original Ninja Character For Beautiful Shamisen

2018-11-26 12:09

Highlights of the prolific career of revered illustrator Yoshitaka Amano include lending his beautiful combination of Art Noveau inspiration and traditional Japanese brushwork to iconic titles such as the Final Fantasy series and Vampire Hunter D. The world famous artist has taken on some quite surprising side projects along the way, however, including a beautiful Cinderella picture book and other renditions of European and Japanese fairy tales. Now Amano has lent his elegant artistic touch to a shamisen he helped design with an original female ninja character! It is a beautiful woman ninja Shaura painted by game FF Amano Yoshitaka.Everyone in London is pleased with the shamisen of Yoshitaka Amano…

Mount Fuji Cosplay World Conference 2018: Event Overview

2018-11-22 09:31

On November 17th, on a gloriously sunny Saturday morning, we arrived at Shimizu Station in Shizuoka Prefecture to attend the 6th annual Mount Fuji Cosplay World Conference. A vibrant and truly rewarding event for all who are involved, Fujicos, as it is commonly known, is attended by over 1,800 cosplayers and 35,000 attendees (2017 numbers) who flock to the Shimizu Station-Front Ginza Shopping District. Although certainly not one of the biggest cosplay events in Japan, the Mount Fuji Cosplay World Conference has many great things going for it. It’s well-organized, with helpful staff coordinating all aspects very well and a PA system (actually, the arcade’s own speakers) to make announcements…

Pokemon Tamagotchi Featuring Eevee is the Ultimate Crossover for Nostalgic 90s Kids

2018-11-22 05:40

For those who don’t remember Tamagotchis, the original was a small, round handheld device on a keychain. The simple game involved raising your own virtual pet, from a little pixelated egg to a little pixelated animal. If you didn’t care sufficiently for the pet, it would die, represented by a heart-breaking animation showing a gravestone and the spirit of the dead animal flying away. Retrospectively, it was perhaps a bit of a traumatic image for a kids’ game. View this post on Instagram tracyvillanuevaさん(@tracyvillanueva)がシェアした投稿 – 2016年 5月月28日午前8時14分PDT An AR reboot was launched last year to try to update the game for a new audience. But this latest announcement could be…

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