These Ticket Machine Button Keychain Toys Will Bring Back Memories Of Eating Out In Japan

2019-01-18 03:49

Food Ticket Machines If you’ve ever eaten at a ramen shop, curry shop, beef bowl restaurant or any number of inexpensive restaurant chains in Japan, then you probably at least once experienced buying a ticket from a food ticket vending machine. Generally speaking, shops that get very crowded and some restaurant chains use ticket vending machines, called shokkenki 食券機 (like the one at ramen chain Ichiran seen below) to handle the ordering and paying process. The advantages over conventional pay-after-you-eat dining are numerous. Shops can reduce time and labor, not to mention possible errors in processing verbal customer orders and calculating payments. EverJean from Hakata ramen restaurant Ichiran in Fukuoka,…

Japan’s Tiny Instagram Models, These Hedgehogs’s High Concept Photoshoots Give Us Life

2019-01-16 02:00

This month sees the opening of an exhibition and gift shop in Tokyo dedicated to tiny animals and tiny animals only, the Marutto Beastie Exhibition. One of the contributors to this exhibition is Shota Tsukamoto, a salary man through the week, but at the weekend he plays personal photographer to his hedgehog. Not just relying on pure cuteness, he uses interesting themes, props and dynamic compositions in his work, to elevate his already photogenic model to something almost ethereal. ✨🐷👼🐷✨ * #ぼんあむ帽子 のハロウィン天使ちゃんが待ちきれないので天使ごっこするブタさんたち😂 * カレンダーをお待ちの皆様! すみません、来年のカレンダーはダーシーのアメリカ版しか作っていません💦そして手元の在庫は先日のダーシーとマシュー展にて完売してしまいました🙇 * しかし!昨日カレンダー売り場へ行ったら全然ハリネズミさんがいなくて可哀想だったので、大急ぎで作ることにしました🏃💨 現在ダーシー&マシューの卓上サイズで進行しています。 月めくりですので例年と比べ薄っぺらいですが、デザインはめちゃ可愛く仕上げますので、楽しみにしててください😊🙏🏻✨ @bon_amu さんの帽子と @milcah_flower さんのお花 Shota Tsukamotoさん(@matthewthehedgehog)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 9月 1 6:26午前 PDT His first star model Darcy amassed over 327,000…

Japanese Baby With Famously Epic Hair Gets Modeling Deal

2019-01-16 11:04

Baby Chanco’s hair isn’t the only thing growing. It seems the 1-year-old baby sensation’s career prospects are as well. View this post on Instagram 髪記録 / hair diaryさん(@babychanco)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年 5月月14日午後3時38分PDT View this post on Instagram 髪記録 / hair diaryさん(@babychanco)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年 5月月16日午後4時41分PDT At just four months old, Baby Chanco was already a viral hit on Instagram thanks to her unusually thick and beautiful hair. Quickly, her “hair diary” (run by her mother) exploded to the tune of 377,000 followers and now a modeling career with Pantene as part of their “#HairWeGo My Hair Moves Me Forward” campaign. Modeling with Japanese TV announcer Sato Kondo. Admiring her work. View this…

Toraya’s Elegantly Refurbished Akasaka Flagship Store Is Truly Worth The Visit

2019-01-15 05:23

Toraya: From Kyoto to Tokyo For half a millennium, Toraya has been making the traditional Japanese confections known as wagashi. Founded in Kyoto in the early 16th century when it was purveyor to the imperial court, Toraya moved its headquarters in 1869, following the transfer of the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo. After trying a few locations within the city, Toraya eventually settled on the wealthy neighborhood of Akasaka for its headquarters in 1964. However, after over 50 years, the building began showing signs of age, and Toraya decided to completely refashion its flagship store from the ground up, creating not only a building which testifies to the success and…

Japanese Masturbatory Goods Maker Has An Alternative To Obligatory Valentine’s Day Chocolate

2019-01-11 03:47

Unless you’re a regular customer of their products, you may be familiar with Japan’s most recognizable masturbatory aid maker TENGA due to their promotional campaigns such as opening up their own curry stand, or their interesting model names such as Deep Throat, Rolling Head, Premium Vacuum, and even a tea ceremony vibrator. Or perhaps you’ve sampled their “Night Charge” energy drink. TENGA’s latest product might be interpreted as a humorous alternative to the Japanese Valentine’s Day tradition of “giri choco”, or obligatory chocolates. Giri choco are chocolates customarily given by women to men casually with no romantic intent (men typically reciprocate by gifting chocolate on White Day). While fairly innocuous,…

No Mural? No Worries! Japanese Lifehacker Invents Instagenic Angel Wings To-Go

2019-01-10 06:32

By now, most people have seen images of people posing in front of angel wing murals. Either through Colette Miller’s Global Angel Wings Project launched in LA in 2012, Kelsey Montague’s wings which became famous when Taylor Swift posed in front of one in 2014, or the numerous other murals inspired by them which continue to pop up all over the world, wing murals have become a staple on Instagram. Although Colette Miller set up a few of her angel wing murals in Japan, they’re still relatively difficult to find. Even in the US, the problem exists for people who don’t happen to live in a major city like Los…

Mystical Looking Spirited Away Limited Edition Watch Puts a Glowing No-face on Your Wrist

2019-01-10 05:22

Studio Ghibli characters have been utilized for designs before by Japanese watch company Alba, resulting is these adorable but still very wearable Totoro and Kiki designs. But their Studio Ghibli watches just got a whole lot more magical looking, with these mysterious No-face designs. The reticent character’s famously creepy mask floats ominously at the top of the watch face. Instead of numbers, he is surrounded by Japanese characters, both these and the hands are inspired by the clock tower that Chihiro encounters in the movie. The mask motif has been printed with luminous paint, so it also glows in the dark. There are other subtle references to the movie on…

Jump Theme Park J-World Closes With Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Event

2019-01-10 01:02

J-World To Close on February 17th, 2019 Fans of manga and anime who live in Japan or have lived or visited Tokyo in the past six years may have fond memories of the hours they spent at the J-World Theme Park in Ikebukuro. The indoor amusement park featuring popular works from Jump manga and anime has been entertaining fans ever since 2013 with exciting regular attractions featuring Naruto, Gintama, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, as well as a lineup of regularly changing temporary attractions. Sadly, J-World is closing its doors on February 17th, 2019. Several temporary attractions are being held simultaneously during the establishment’s Grande Finale, focusing on Naruto…

Tokyo’s New “Manga Art Hotel” Has Over 5,000 Manga Titles For Travelers To Lose Themselves In

2019-01-10 01:43

While net cafes and capsule hotels are mostly viewed as an affordable bare bones way to crash when traveling in Japan or after missing a last train, recent years have seen specialty types open targeting otaku and book fans. Now “Manga Art Hotel, Tokyo”, fittingly located near Japan’s “city of manga” in Jimbocho, is opening up and offering capsule lodging with over 5,000 manga titles to keep you entertained. Manga Art Hotel, Tokyo cites a growing number of foreign travelers to Japan (particularly as a lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics) as one reason to offer the special accommodation, which will focus on offering a collection of manga titles (which…

Dress Up Your Hanko as a Beloved Ghibli Character with Totoro, No Face, Jiji and Cat Bus Stands

2019-01-09 05:11

In Japan, rather than signing documents and forms, people use a ‘hanko’, a stamp of their name. Also known as an inkan, it is specially engraved and designed for the individual person, then registered with the local city hall before it can be used to sign official documents. This makes it, in the eyes of the Japanese, much harder to forge than a signature. For important contracts, such as ones to rent an apartment, they will definitely ask for a hanko rather than a signature. There’s a lot of freedom regarding the design, which is why recently some awesome Pokemon themed hanko were released that actually incorporate the creatures into…

Ehomaki Giant Sushi Rolls Are Becoming More Expensive and Outlandish Every Year

2019-01-09 01:13

Early January is typically when sushi and seafood specialty shops begin to announce their lineup of ehomaki, the giant sushi rolls eaten on February 3rd for the Setsubun holiday. As some of our readers may remember from our in-depth article last year on the surprising origins, contemporary variations, and the environmental impact of the ehomaki phenomenon, Japanese department stores have taken what was originally just an overstuffed futomaki roll to new heights of extravagance. Last year, we were considerably impressed by the price tag on an ehomaki sold at the Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya for 7,580 JPY, lavishly decorated in gold leaf with a design that locals instantly recognized…

Succubus Swimsuit Crushes Crowdfunding Goal In Japan Because…Well You Know Why

2018-12-29 06:24

If the name Mocolle rings a bell, it may be because the Japanese creative design team Mocolle (whose official brand concept is “Wouldn’t it be nice if this existed?”) seems to specialize in transforming the creative talents of artists and cosplayers into actual fashion items. In the past they’ve made illustrations and cosplay ideas a reality with the ninja girl bikini, shirt that turns your boobs into hamster cheeks, and even shrine maiden loungewear. Source: Mocolle Continuing with their collaboration with popular cosplayers, Mocolle launched a crowdfunding campaign for a Succubus Swimsuit–originally dreamed up by cosplayer non, whom you may remember from our article introducing her photo book project of…

beeat Sushi Burrito Tokyo Serves Delicious Sushi Burritos To Go In A Futuristic Setting

2018-12-21 08:39

Once upon a time, a burrito fell in love with a sushi maki roll and they had a beautiful baby called the sushi burrito. Born in the West Coast, she quickly became the darling of foodies and headed East to other cities in the US, then onwards to Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Now, at the Easternmost point of her journey, she has, at long last, an opportunity to discover her mother’s homeland here in Japan. With the launch of beeat Sushi Burrito Tokyo in November 2018, the sushi burrito has finally found its first specialty shop on Japanese shores. However, it wouldn’t be fitting for such a fusion…

Kokuyo’s New GLOO Adhesive Products Designed By nendo [Hands-On Report]

2018-12-20 02:57

Introduction Japanese design firm nendo has made a name for itself with its minimalist and functional designs for furniture, interiors, lighting and products both domestically and abroad. Now, the famous Japanese stationery and furniture company Kokuyo has teamed up with nendo to create GLOO, “a project to unify a variety of adhesive products such as glues and tapes which have been produced under different brands.” (nendo website) With matte white bodies, small logo and information in small font, along with simple color accents to unobtrusively yet clearly communicate each product’s functions, GLOO products are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Moreover, they also feature many improvements on existing adhesive products….

Cosplay Collars And Pet Outfits Turn Your Pets Into Super Saiyan Shiba And Sailor Moon Kitties

2018-12-20 01:11

We’ve seen cat cafes with cosplaying kitty staff, a cat who teaches about Japanese food and culture through cosplay, and even a cat with a creepily perfect Demogorgon costume. However, an unfortunate reality is that sometimes comfort (and more often, cooperation) concerns keep many owners from having their pets dress up. Fortunately, Bandai and Japanese pet goods maker Petio have teamed up for a lineup of comfortable costumes and pet beds that let your cats and dogs become Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z characters. Super Saiyan Shiba Source: Bandai Namco Sailor Moon Kitty Source: Bandai Namco The series, called Chara-petty, includes five different Sailor Moon outfits (Moon, Mars, Mercury,…

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