Japanese Amphibious Gill Garment Aims To Let Humans Breathe Underwater

2018-07-18 05:36

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat after a nightmare of perishing away in a world submerged by rising sea-levels or conquered by aquatic alien overlords, you may have wondered how you would have been able to turn things around and lead the fight for humanity’s survival. While it may not be quite the answer just yet, Japanese biomimicry designer Jun Kamei‘s Amphibio, “a gill garment for our aquatic future,” is an underwater breathing device proposed to support life in “a future where humankind lives in very close proximity with water.” Mikito Tateisi Mikito Tateisi The 3D-printed garment (gills and respiratory mask)…

Dinosaur Treats Inside Japan’s Jurassic World Cafe

2018-07-11 03:05

To commemorate the release of the new movie, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, the Guest Cafe in Ikebukuro’s Parco have gone full prehistoric. For a limited time only they’re serving up a range of themed mains, desserts and special drinks that celebrate the iconic series. Inside Tokyo’s Jurassic World Cafe The Jurassic World Cafe have used ingenious and creative ways to give usual dishes a dino twist. The mains include a charred looking hamburger, a fiery volcano curry and a ‘powerful wild plate’. ジュラシックワールドカフェ@池袋 ただ今のお時間、待ち時間なくお席までご案内しております!本日のお昼にブラックバンズに牛肉100%のパティを挟んだボリュームたっぷりの【ジュラシックワールドバーガー🍔】はいかがでしょうか?#ジュラシックワールド 7月13日映画公開 — ジュラシック・ワールドカフェ@池袋パルコ (@THEGUESTcafe) 6 July 2018 For dessert, you can become a paleontologist yourself with the ‘fossil excavation cake’. Volcanoes seem to play a…

A Look Into Doujin Cosplay ROM Event Cosnug.

2018-07-06 06:35

Doujin “Cosplay ROM” Events in Japan One increasingly popular way for amateur cosplayers in Japan to expand their network, reach out to more fans AND put some yen in their pockets is to participate in “cosplay ROM” events such as Cos-Express, Cosprecious, Cosnug. and Cosholic in Tokyo and Cosplay ROM Express in Osaka. It’s important to specify “doujin” here, which means fan-organized or fan-based. Although the majority of the goods being bought and sold are cosplay CD-ROMs containing photos as well as photo books, you can also find posters and even keychains, pins, badges and the occasional fashion accessory or clothing item catering to niche customers. Another service some cosplayers…

Japan Invents Anti-“Smell Harassment” Device Which Monitors Your B.O. Level

2018-06-29 06:38

Smell Harassment In recent years, the term “smell harassment,” often abbreviated to sumehara スメハラ, has become the subject of greater scrutiny in Japan. While it is usually used in a workplace environment, it is also discussed in the context of public transportation where people are frequently forced to be in close proximity to others. Unlike other forms of harassment that are volitional such as sexual harassment, age harassment and maternity harassment, smell harassment is often involuntary, and sometimes the result of medical conditions. Smell harassment is also used to describe the usage of perfumes and colognes. Nevertheless, whereas unwelcome body smells were previously considered a mere inconvenience, the mood in…

Japanese “Asteroid Jelly” Brings Otherworldly Sweets To Convenience Stores

2018-06-28 04:06

In the world of wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets, looks can be just as important as taste. In recent years, the aesthetic appeal of some of these sweets has evolved to even reveal a different beautiful scene with each serving you take, but transparent sweets remain one of the most popular varieties. Whether it be celebrated confectionery Eitaro’s cherry blossom filled sakura jellies or the water-based Mizu Shingen Mochi that became a hit around the world as rain drop cake, clear Japanese sweets have proven to be an eye-catcher. たきかわ ひろむさん(@hiromuuun)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年 6月月27日午前9時59分PDT Japanese convenience store Lawson has decided to inject a little otherworldly beauty into the transparent sweets…

Shark Fans Can Recreate B-Movie Dismemberment Scenes with Plushy Hugging Pillow

2018-06-28 03:30

Last month the International Shark Film Festival took place in Tokyo proving there’s a solid Japanese fanbase for the one of the most blood-thirsty of movie niches. Shark B-movies. 私は今、世界一イケてる「サメ映画観に行く人」🦈💕🦈💕 — miyakoお嬢⭕️ (@miyakocore) 27 June 2018 Classics of the genre such as Jaws and Sharknado have given the world many over the top tropes. One of the most memorable is the shark hanging off a person’s limb as they try to bite it off. Now hardcore shark-lovers can create one of these iconic scenes for themselves with the shark-shaped hugging pillow, which will be sold at Village Vanguard in Japan, a store which sells a wide selection of cool…

Creepy Evolving Japanese Baseball Mascot Reveals Its Fifth and Final Form

2018-06-27 02:17

The Mysterious Fish: Nazo no Sakana The funky fishy mascot for the Chiba Lotte Marines in Nippon Professional Baseball, known as Nazo no Sakana (Mysterious Fish), has become quite famous both at home and abroad for its continually evolving and creepy looking forms. The third form, in particular, seems to have grossed out more than one fan, and was the butt of a few jokes, even prompting rival team mascots to chase after it during a memorable half-time performance last year. While some wondered if the third would be the last form, the mysterious fish continued its eerie evolution with a fourth form which had a very obvious hint that…

Japanese Ninja Girl Bikini Has You Ready To Hit The Beach Like A Kunoichi After Smashing Crowdfunding Effort

2018-06-22 02:48

Awesome ninja girl bikini lets you practice your kunoichi skills at the beach. Japanese creative design brand Mocolle (whose official brand concept is “Wouldn’t it be nice if this existed?”) often turns to creative talents on social media for inspiration when it comes shaping the crowdfunding efforts for their latest fashion items. In the past they’ve collaborated with popular cosplay models and illustrators to get products like a shirt that turns your breasts into hungry hamster cheeks. Source: Campfire Now citing the overwhelming crowdfunding success of their traditional Japanese shrine maiden bikinis, Mocolle is following up on their miko (shrine maiden) swimsuit with a new badass female ninja swimsuit. Kunoichi…

Vape Like a Samurai with this Japanese Kiseru Smoking Pipe E-Cigarrete

2018-06-15 01:10

If you’re a fan of samurai films, or any sort of early Japan period piece fiction, chances are you’ve encountered a scene of one of Japan’s iconic warriors or perhaps a geisha enjoying a smoke from one of these traditional pipes. Source: 工場長 / PIXTA(ピクスタ) They’re called kiseru, and are typically used for smoking a finely shredded tobacco (often resembling strands of hair) called kizami. Composed of a bamboo or wooden shaft with two metal ends and accompanied by a bowl, especially long kiseru were even carried as weapons during the Edo period. Today, they are commonly seen at Japanese incense ceremonies. Source: hilite / PIXTA(ピクスタ) You may see a…

Studio Ghibli and Seiko Collaborate on Range of Stylish Totoro and Kiki Watches

2018-06-14 05:50

Studio Ghibli fans come in all ages. The Japanese animation powerhouse have been creating masterpieces since 1985 and their movies are beautiful enough to touch anyone’s heart. Despite this, the idea of wearing merchandise for what would usually be seen as a children’s movie may be off putting for some fully-fledged adults. But now even the most stylish of anime fans can add a little Ghibli touch to their everyday wear, without it looking out of place. Quality timepiece manufacturers Seiko have collaborated with Studio Ghibli to bring out these subtle yet adorable character design wristwatches. There are 8 designs to choose from, which incorporate both sophisticated and cute colours…

Attack on Titan’s Biggest Nightmare is a Cup Noodle Titan Invasion

2018-06-12 05:37

The world of hit anime and manga series Attack on Titan is grim and terrifying, which isn’t all that different from what many people imagine when told they are being served “mystery meat”. Fortunately, after a slew of adventurous promotional campaigns that included a giant Omega Weapon Spork from Final Fantasy and a beautiful commercial that imagines where Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service would be in her schoolgirl days, Nissin Cup Noodle finally revealed what was in their fabled mystery meat, and it’s far less frightening than a world of Titans. However, even with the secret of the mystery meat out, rumors persist on the internet about its peculiar nature….

Disney Meets Kimono in These Character Design Yukata Perfect for Tokyo Disneyland

2018-06-12 05:10

One of the many cool things about Japan is the myriad of east meets west collaborations, two different styles coming together to make something unique and interesting. In this mash-up, Disney meets traditional Japanese clothing with adorably designed yukata covered in famous characters. These would be perfect for a day out at Tokyo Disneyland. But don’t get premonitions of suffocating under the summer sun in a heavy, traditional garment, praying for the attraction’s line to go faster. A yukata is a summer kimono, it’s light and not tied restrictively. The character designs you can choose from are Mickey, Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Clarice the chipmunk, or Goofy and Max….

Japan Introduces Official Pokemon Vending Machines

2018-06-11 11:18

Japan releases Pokemon vending machines with Pikachu guides. Vending machines can be found around just about any corner in Japan, and if you ever tire of the standard beverage offerings from run of the mill ones, you can always search out vending machines that serve sake, Kit-Kats, and even dashi. Now Japan’s never-ending supply of vending machine variety can add another standout to its arsenal in the form of official Pokemon vending machines that sell Pokemon merchandise with a virtual Pikachu guide! The new Pokemon vending machines feature a digital interface with a very friendly Pikachu guide, who will actively call out those who pass by the vending machines, inviting…

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is Tokyo’s New Luxury Shopping and Entertainment Complex

2018-06-08 06:06

Earlier this year, on March 29th, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya opened to much fanfare in the city’s arts district. The second shopping and entertainment complex to bear the “Tokyo Midtown” name (the first one being in Roppongi), Tokyo Midtown Hibiya cuts a stylish figure, its architecture with a curvy facade and its classical arcade in the basement level drawing hints from the Rokumeikan, a hall which symbolized the Westernization of Tokyo in the Meiji Era. Built by Mitsui Fudosan, the complex is 35 stories high with an additional four floors underground, rises about 192 meters above ground and has close to 189,000 square meters of floor space. In addition to 60…

Animal Skull Bonsai Trees Weave Life and Death Together in Darkly Beautiful Art

2018-06-08 03:55

Tokyo Bonsai Lifestyle’s animal skull bonsai trees beautifully intertwine life and death. As an unfortunate result of depopulation and a decrease in hunting in the countryside, sometimes increasing numbers of animals such as wild boar and deer in Japan can be deemed dangerous to natural forest areas as well as farming. While these animals often end up being culled, only 10% of their remains are properly utilized outside of consumption. Tokyo Bonsai Lifestyle aims to make sure that remains are not discarded in waste with a project that thematically emphasizes life emerging from death called the SKULL BONSAI series. The result is an artistic series that walks the border between…

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