A Guide to 15 of Japan’s Unique Kit Kat Flavours

2018-10-17 05:00

Japanese Style Flavour Kit Kats Aside from the usual milk and dark chocolate that you can pick up in most countries, even in Japanese supermarkets you can pick up interesting and unique Kit Kat flavours, often inspired by traditional Japanese ingredients. Green Tea (Matcha) Source: PR Times Possibly one of the most popular Japanese souvenirs is this bright green and slightly bitter treat. Cherry Blossom (Sakura) View this post on Instagram いちごみるう🍓💕さん(@yuuki_lp_mog)がシェアした投稿 – 2017年 2月月15日午後10時22分PST Only found during spring, this Kit Kat celebrates Japan’s favourite season. They come back every year in a slightly different incarnation. Let’s see what they come up with next year! Sakura Matcha Source: PR Times…

Seemingly Magical Glowing Book Looks Like It Came Right Out of An Anime

2018-10-17 03:29

You may have seen lamps which fold open like a book, but have you ever seen a book with light glowing from the actual letters on the pages? Uka Ohashi 大橋雨下 (@uten_lullaby), a Japanese experimental novelist currently studying design at an art university, created this beautiful book by cutting out the shapes of full pages of Japanese text with a laser cutter, then binding them in a book with an LED light strip attached to its spine, thus allowing the warm, yellow light to shine through. With permission from @uten_lullaby The result is almost magical, like a spellbook with glowing letters as often seen in anime set in fantasy worlds….

Longevity Kings Japan Set to Lose World Life Expectancy Crown to Another Country

2018-10-17 10:54

For years Japan has dominated the league table for world life expectancy. The streak triggered much research into the reasons behind this, so others could hopefully snatch some of that longevity for themselves. According to the Independent, a study in 2016 found it’s largely down to the Japanese diet. Source: Grape Japan ‘[The Japanese] eat diets high in certain carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits as well as fish and meat. Such foods make for a diet low in saturated fats, processed foods and high in carbohydrates gained from both rice and vegetables.’ Other reasons brought up by studies and articles on the subject include a hygiene-conscious culture, an accessible health service and…

Game Portraying Osamu Tezuka Characters as Cute Girls Divides Opinions Online

2018-10-16 06:27

Osamu Tezuka is known as the God of Manga in Japan, and for good reason. The creator of classics such as Astro Boy, Phoenix, Kimba the White Lion and Black Jack, his works and characters are respected all over the world. So, when Japanese video game developer Compile Heart announced it was working with Tezuka Productions and Sony’s ForwardWorks on a smartphone game which took Osamu Tezuka’s beloved characters and turned them into bishojo style cute girls, Japanese Twitter users were quick to react, not all of them favorably. © PR Times, Inc. / © Tezuka Productions / © ForwardWorks Corp. / © Compile Heart Inc. Eshigami no Kizuna 絵師神の絆…

[PHOTOS] Sony Experiment: Dogs Recognize Robot ‘aibo’ as Living Creature

2018-10-16 04:19

Is it possible for “aibo,” the robotic dog, to live in symbiosis with a real canine? Sony announced in July the results of an experiment, conducted under the supervision of zoologist Tadaaki Imaizumi, where canine behavior was analyzed. Source: Sankei Shimbun According to the results, the dogs showed signs of consideration towards aibo, and in many cases they recognized aibo as a “living creature.” The experiment was conducted in two steps. First, the researchers observed how 13 dogs of different ages and breeds reacted when coming into initial contact with aibo. Source: Sankei Shimbun Nine out of the 13 approached aibo and took a sniff. Of the nine, six went…

[Wonder Mountains] The Most Enchanting Aspect of Japan’s Autumn

2018-10-16 04:10

By Takuro Inoue, HAPPY DAYZ PRODUCTIONS The autumn leaves can only be seen for a short period of time. As a single day’s difference can change the color of the foliage, it is necessary to constantly monitor the progress of the weather and coloring of the leaves. It is the busiest time of year in terms of filming. While the burning red of the autumnal leaves is magnificent, the far-reaching view of the autumnal grass in locations such as Oze National Park are wonderful in evoking the wabi-sabi aesthetic. Japan’s mountains change appearance according to the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In the city, the summer heat lingers…

Overwhelmed by Tourists Japan’s Winter Wonderland Shirakawa-go Goes Reservation Only

2018-10-16 03:24

Shirakawa-Go, a mountain settlement in Gifu prefecture, was once considered an unexplored region. The treacherous mountains and snowfall restricted outside interaction, preserving the unique cultural practices and lifestyles. Source: Gassho Travel Shirakawa-go, A Magical Snowscape The village was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historical farmhouses, some of which are over 250 years old. The striking sloped thatched roofs are called ‘gasshozukuri’, which means ‘constructed like hands in prayer’, in reference to the similarity to Buddhist monks’ hands while praying. These roofs can withstand the weight of the heavy snowfall expected each year. Another feature which gives the houses the cosy-looking winter atmosphere, is that the windows…

Tokyo’s Meat Festival: A Carnivore’s Dream Manifest

2018-10-15 05:40

As the years go by, Japan’s vegetarian options get better and better. But that doesn’t mean they’re neglecting the carnivorous among the population. On the contrary, in a country famous for their beef (wagyu) and yakiniku barbeques, the meat love isn’t going away any time soon. In the words of the Uruk-hai, looks like meat’s back on the menu boys. Japan’s best meat based dishes have all been brought together in one place for Niku Fest 2018, currently being held in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Source: © Grape Japan Possibly the meaty treat with the most eye-catching name is the ‘hamburger that you can drink’. I purchased the beef patty, puzzled, but…

Get Drunk with Some Prickly Characters at Tokyo’s Hedgehog Bar

2018-10-15 05:58

For better or for worse, lax animal welfare laws in Japan have led to an abundance of pet cafes which probably wouldn’t fly in some other countries. For this reason, animal cafes such as cat cafes, rabbit cafes and owl cafes have become high priority destinations for visitors to Japan, as an experience they can’t get back home. In order to stand out, some cafes have taken on cool themes so you can enjoy watching the animals play in various settings. Recently there was a temporary cat cafe modelled on the Edo period. In Shibuya there’s a hedgehog cafe called Chikuchiku Cafe which has taken on the theme of dollhouses….

Anisong DJ Event “Character T-Shirt Party in Akihabara Entas” [Event Report]

2018-10-11 01:21

On September 9th, Akihabara was host to a new DJ party concept event for anime and anisong fans called “Character T-Shirt Party in Akihabara Entas” and we were there to report on all the fun. Before we do, here’s a brief introduction to anime song DJ events, in case you’re unfamiliar with the genre: Anikura: Anime Song DJ Events Over the past decade, a genre of DJ event called anikura (from the words anisong and club) has matured in Japan and even made significant inroads abroad. In its purest form, anikura events feature DJs only playing original or remixes of anime songs, but the genre has also come to encompass…

13 Layer Matcha Parfait is a Tall Glass of Japanese Sweet Perfection

2018-10-10 04:21

Although matcha sweets never went out of fashion, it seems that they’re experiencing even more of a boom than before. From beautiful marbled matcha cheesecake to the most intense green tea gelato in the world, the whole of Tokyo is matcha dessert crazy. If you’re feeling in the mood for a luxurious green tea experience, why not give Nakamura Tokichi a try? This teahouse is situated on the fourth floor of the swanky new Ginza Six, a shopping mall in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district. © Grape Japan The green tea specialists offer various teas, savoury dishes and desserts. Whatever you order also comes with a pot of green tea, the…

Japanese Passport Is Now The Most Powerful In The World

2018-10-10 03:30

190. That is the number of countries which Japanese passport holders can now visit without a visa, according to British citizenship and planning firm Henley & Partners’ global ranking, updated on October 9th, 2018. (Based on exclusive data from the IATA, the database is widely considered to be the most reliable information source on international passport status). Displacing previously top-ranked Singapore at 189 countries, the Japanese passport is now effectively the most powerful in the world. The change occurred earlier this month when Myanmar was added to the list of countries which Japanese passport holders could visit without visas. Germany, which held the top position with 188 countries at the…

Kengo Kuma Designed “Delis Yokohama Building” Offers Dining Options And A New Landmark To Yokohama Station’s West Exit

2018-10-09 08:53

Delis Yokohama Building Open on November 1, 2018, Delis Yokohama Building creates a visually striking new landmark in the Tsuruya District of Yokohama City, the latest addition to the rapidly redeveloping Yokohama Station area. In addition to creating a landmark, the new building, which brings together a collection of much-needed new restaurants as well as new office space within its seven-story frame, also serves a role as a vital new hub of activity in the Tsuruya District. A triangular square in front of the building creates a natural landing point for the traffic created by the planned pedestrian deck which will extend directly from Yokohama Station. © Socialwire Co., Ltd….

McDonalds Japan Staff Get Salty with Picky Customer

2018-10-09 03:12

Japan’s fast food chains are famously inflexible compared to their American counterparts. Visitors to the country often report being met with blank faces from staff after asking for minor changes to their meal. The reasons are unknown, but many put the strict adherence to the menu down to Japanese traditionalism. Don’t even try asking for more sauce packets. The attitude is loosening up somewhat, and this McDonalds customer was surprised at just how willing the staff were to accommodate her request. Maybe too willing. In an incident described on an online blog, the Japanese author went with a friend to grab lunch at McDonalds. Source: Uehara Sakura As her companion…

Kit Kat Japan Releases New Traditional Japanese Sweet Inspired Chocolate

2018-10-09 03:49

In some countries the humble Kit Kat isn’t known for boundary-pushing flavours (pretty sure the UK is still stuck with original, mint, and orange when it comes to the two finger variety). But in Japan seasonal, regional and special varieties are ubiquitous. Aside from delicious dessert flavours like cheesecake, and pumpkin pudding for Halloween, many of the Kit Kats are distinctly Japanese, creating flavours from the country’s famous specialties such as matcha and sake. The popularity of these variations led to many collaborations with regional specialties like Okinawan sweet potato or Hiroshima’s Momiji manju. With Japan’s wide range of traditional sweets and desserts they’re sure to never run out of…

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