These Ticket Machine Button Keychain Toys Will Bring Back Memories Of Eating Out In Japan

2019-01-18 03:49

Food Ticket Machines If you’ve ever eaten at a ramen shop, curry shop, beef bowl restaurant or any number of inexpensive restaurant chains in Japan, then you probably at least once experienced buying a ticket from a food ticket vending machine. Generally speaking, shops that get very crowded and some restaurant chains use ticket vending machines, called shokkenki 食券機 (like the one at ramen chain Ichiran seen below) to handle the ordering and paying process. The advantages over conventional pay-after-you-eat dining are numerous. Shops can reduce time and labor, not to mention possible errors in processing verbal customer orders and calculating payments. EverJean from Hakata ramen restaurant Ichiran in Fukuoka,…

Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019 Reveals An Unusually Early Start To The Season

2019-01-17 06:17

If you’re planning on visiting Japan in Spring, you’re probably looking forward to enjoying the beautiful and subtly fragrant blossoms of the cherry trees, or sakura, as they’re called in Japanese. Since so many people count on the sakura for their Spring activities, knowing the best times to view them has become somewhat of a science. In fact, every year, the Japan Meteorological Corporation publishes forecasts on when the sakura will begin to bloom and when they are likely to be in full bloom, with the weekend most closely coinciding with that date considered to be the ideal moment for hanami 花見 (literally, “flower viewing), the practice of picnicking beneath…

Sanrio Cafe in Tokyo Celebrates 45 Years of Hello Kitty with the Cutest New Desserts

2019-01-17 05:04

Hello Kitty is turning 45 this year but she hasn’t aged a bit since she first turned up on the scene. Her merchandise can be found everywhere in Japan, going as far as Hello Kitty hotel rooms and Hello Kitty bullet trains. Still as cute and stylish as she was back in 1974, her feline charms are now being brought to a new cafe collaboration in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The cafe will celebrate the 45th anniversary since the birth of the beloved character. Not only are the dishes inspired by her look, but also, apparently, her worldview, so you can enjoy some of Kitty’s favourite foods while contemplating her general outlook…

The Story of Kumamoto Mountains’ Lucky Cat

2019-01-17 04:06

by Mizuho Miyazaki The Escape Stone, long said to be resilient in the face of calamities, has fallen — revealing the silhouette of a cat. The colors of autumn leaves paint the mountains and rice fields below, while a full view of the coming winter months is revealed through the clearly-defined blue silhouette of a cat. A huge stone block lodged between two sides of a 30-meter-high cavity in the rocky mountainside looked as though it was floating in the air, thus earning the name, the “Escape Stone.” Located on the southern cone of the Aso Caldera near the village of Minami Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, the impressive “stone that…

AniSphere Brings Japanese and International Anisong Fans Together In MOGRA Akihabara

2019-01-16 08:19

Although Akihabara is not very well known for its nightlife, there’s one place where you can party all night on weekends, and that’s the legendary night club MOGRA Akihabara. Now in its tenth year, MOGRA plays electronic music as well as anisongs, idol songs, game music and other Akihabara music genres. And if you happen to be in Akihabara on the third Friday of the month, you’re likely to see quite an international crowd there. As the only event specifically hosted by the club to bring international and Japanese audiences together to enjoy anime songs, AniSphere joins long-running anisong DJ events ANISON INDEX!! and ANISON MATRIX!! as an event which…

Kingdom Hearts Tower of Radiance and Shadow Event Taking Place 451m Above Tokyo

2019-01-16 03:36

To Kingdom Hearts fans it seems to have been an eternity, but finally the next installation in the main game series is here. Thirteen years (!!!) after Kingdom Hearts 2 was released, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be hitting stores this month. To celebrate, Tokyo’s highest tower, the Skytree is going full on Kingdom Hearts in an event they’re calling ‘Tower of Radiance and Shadow’. The always popular tourist attraction is now offering the chance to see Tokyo from above, while enjoying an event celebrating everyone’s favourite Disney-Square Enix crossover game. ©Disney. ©Disney/Pixar. Developed by SQUARE ENIX ©TOKYO-SKYTREE The experience starts as soon as you enter the elevator. Speeding up to…

Muslims Can Enjoy Halal Okonomiyaki and Other Osakan Delicacies at Chibo Diversity

2019-01-15 07:57

For Muslim travelers to Japan, dining out can sometimes be stressful. Although the number of halal restaurants in major Japanese cities have increased, it can still be a challenge to find them. And even when they do, their interpretation may be limited to food and they may lack ablution facilities or a prayer room on the premises. The problem is potentially even more acute in Osaka, which is known for its many tasty dishes. With so many culinary temptations, it’s a good idea to know which restaurants are halal. Chibo Diversity, a new branch in the Chibo restaurant chain opening on January 17th in the Dotonbori area of Osaka provides…

Toraya’s Elegantly Refurbished Akasaka Flagship Store Is Truly Worth The Visit

2019-01-15 05:23

Toraya: From Kyoto to Tokyo For half a millennium, Toraya has been making the traditional Japanese confections known as wagashi. Founded in Kyoto in the early 16th century when it was purveyor to the imperial court, Toraya moved its headquarters in 1869, following the transfer of the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo. After trying a few locations within the city, Toraya eventually settled on the wealthy neighborhood of Akasaka for its headquarters in 1964. However, after over 50 years, the building began showing signs of age, and Toraya decided to completely refashion its flagship store from the ground up, creating not only a building which testifies to the success and…

Jump Theme Park J-World Closes With Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Event

2019-01-10 01:02

J-World To Close on February 17th, 2019 Fans of manga and anime who live in Japan or have lived or visited Tokyo in the past six years may have fond memories of the hours they spent at the J-World Theme Park in Ikebukuro. The indoor amusement park featuring popular works from Jump manga and anime has been entertaining fans ever since 2013 with exciting regular attractions featuring Naruto, Gintama, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, as well as a lineup of regularly changing temporary attractions. Sadly, J-World is closing its doors on February 17th, 2019. Several temporary attractions are being held simultaneously during the establishment’s Grande Finale, focusing on Naruto…

Tokyo’s New “Manga Art Hotel” Has Over 5,000 Manga Titles For Travelers To Lose Themselves In

2019-01-10 01:43

While net cafes and capsule hotels are mostly viewed as an affordable bare bones way to crash when traveling in Japan or after missing a last train, recent years have seen specialty types open targeting otaku and book fans. Now “Manga Art Hotel, Tokyo”, fittingly located near Japan’s “city of manga” in Jimbocho, is opening up and offering capsule lodging with over 5,000 manga titles to keep you entertained. Manga Art Hotel, Tokyo cites a growing number of foreign travelers to Japan (particularly as a lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics) as one reason to offer the special accommodation, which will focus on offering a collection of manga titles (which…

[Hidden Wonders of Japan] There’s A Hello Kitty Extravaganza at Keio Plaza Hotel!

2019-01-08 11:31

(by JAPAN Forward) The Keio Plaza Hotel screams elegance. With its many branches in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district and other locations, it has always delighted guests with its luxurious atmosphere. Recently, the hotel announced it would strengthen its already strong partnership with Sanrio Co., Ltd. — specifically, with the much-adored Hello Kitty. Mixing luxury and pop culture, this is predicted to bring people from far and wide to enjoy all this hotel enterprise has to offer. © JAPAN Forward © JAPAN Forward The Keio Plaza Hotel’s Tama location is set to introduce a photo spot featuring the theme “Princess Kitty” in the hotel lobby in March 2019. Children (and adults, let’s…

Studio Ghibli Reveals 5 Planned Areas For Official Theme Park In 2022

2018-12-25 12:45

Studio Ghibli fans were overjoyed last year when the famed animation studio announced that it would be opening their first official theme park in Japan, even unveiling charming concept art. The venture is a collaboration between Studio Ghibli and the Aichi prefectural government to transform Aichi’s EXPO Park into a full-blown Ghibli attraction in 2022. Now Aichi prefecture and Studio Ghibli have released further details on five “zones” of the park that will recreate the worlds of some of Studio Ghibli’s most popular films and even allow fans to experience traditional cultural activities. Source: Aichi Prefecture Government Source: Aichi Prefecture Government “Hill of Youth Area” Source: Aichi Prefecture Government In…

beeat Sushi Burrito Tokyo Serves Delicious Sushi Burritos To Go In A Futuristic Setting

2018-12-21 08:39

Once upon a time, a burrito fell in love with a sushi maki roll and they had a beautiful baby called the sushi burrito. Born in the West Coast, she quickly became the darling of foodies and headed East to other cities in the US, then onwards to Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Now, at the Easternmost point of her journey, she has, at long last, an opportunity to discover her mother’s homeland here in Japan. With the launch of beeat Sushi Burrito Tokyo in November 2018, the sushi burrito has finally found its first specialty shop on Japanese shores. However, it wouldn’t be fitting for such a fusion…

Chichibu Festival: Thousands Flock to Tokyo Outskirts for Those Colorful Floats

2018-12-19 05:33

It’s that time of year again: Chichibu Matsuri. On Monday, December 3, this the Chichibu Festival culminated with a traditional float-and-night parade and a beautiful firework display. Taking place in Saitama Prefecture’s Chichibu city, this festivity is accessible by train within 90 minutes from central Tokyo. Source: Sankei Shimbun The festival is known in Japan and worldwide as one of three major traditional Japanese festivals — the other two being Kyoto’s Gion Festival and Gifu Prefecture’s Hida Takayama Festival. Written by Japan ForwardThe continuation of this article can be read on the “Japan Forward” site.Chichibu Festival: Thousands Flock to Tokyo Outskirts for Those Colorful Floats

JR Announce New Express ‘Fuji Excursion’ Train Direct from Tokyo to the Mountain

2018-12-19 05:29

Mount Fuji is easily one of the most recognizable icons of Japan. But for tourists on time restraints, a visit to Japan’s highest peak can seem daunting. The mountain’s location out in the countryside is not so easily accessible from central Tokyo. The closest train station to Mount Fuji is Kawaguchicho station, and from there you can take a bus part way up the mountain. At the moment, there are no regularly running direct trains, meaning there is the added stress of changing trains, and overall getting to Kawaguchicho can take about 2 hours and a half. Direct buses do exist and taking one from Tokyo’s major hubs to Kawaguchicho…

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