Lupin the Third Is Coming To Universal Studios Japan in First Ever Theme Park Collaboration

2018-09-19 12:19

Lupin the Third hardly needs any introduction. For the past fifty years, Monkey Punch’s story about the gentleman thief, his right-hand man and sharpshooter Jigen, the swordsman Goemon, femme fatale and love interest Fujiko and lifelong frenemy Inspector Zenigata have entertained and delighted audiences around the world through manga, five television series, feature-length anime and various goods and collaborations. While Lupin the Third has collaborated on themed cafes and bars and even a themed escape adventure, the venerable franchise has never had an official presence in a theme park before. However, that will all change when Lupin the Third comes to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka for a special limited-time…

Kirby Cafe Returns to Tokyo with New Adorable Menu

2018-09-12 10:51

Everyone’s favourite puffy pink hero is returning to Tokyo to fill our stomachs with delicious and adorable treats. For a limited time only the Kirby Cafe will be opening up in Tokyo Skytree town. All the dishes and drinks on the menu take inspiration from Nintendo’s Kirby games, creating the characters and motifs in entirely consumable materials. Kirby Cafe Food Menu Waddle Dee’s Afternoon Nap Omelette Rice A rice Waddle Dee sleeps soundly under a fluffy egg blanket. Kirby Inhaling Caprese Given Kirby’s ability to inhale his enemies, he’ll make short work of this caprese. Chef Kawasaki’s Throw in Whatever on a Whim Bread Stew There’s no list of ingredients…

Pokemon Cafe Menu Gets Seasonal Update For Halloween and Autumn

2018-09-10 05:32

The first ever permanent Pokemon Cafe opened earlier this year adjacent to the Pokemon Center DX in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. With a Pokemon interior, Pokemon inspired menu and even occasional visits from the iconic yellow electric mouse himself, no fan of the classic series was left wanting. But the menu is having a seasonal reboot to tempt us all back again. The autumn menu is here and it includes treats perfect for the spookiest time of the year. Many Pokemon look Halloween appropriate and the purple and black ghost type Pokemon, Ghastly, fits the bill. He makes an appearance on the menu as a mince cutlet burger. The round, haunting bowl…

4 Tokyo Ninja Hideouts Wannabe Shinobi Need to Experience

2018-09-07 06:43

Ninjas continue to capture the imagination of overseas visitors as one of the most badass aspects of Japanese history. There are certain prefectures of historical importance with deep links to the ninjas, but sadly they are a bit out of the way for the regular tourist. For those without time to make these ninja pilgrimages, there’s some inner city experiences that you can take part in instead. If you’re visiting or live in Tokyo, put on your best all-black ensemble, because we’re about to get sneaky up in here. Ninja Attractions in Tokyo 1. Ninja Trick House, Shinjuku View this post on Instagram Ninja Trick House in Tokyoさん(@ninja_tokio)がシェアした投稿 – 2016年…

5 Must Visit Tokyo Spots for Studio Ghibli Fans

2018-09-07 06:53

Studio Ghibli, Japan’s most legendary animation powerhouse, has enjoyed international acclaim and enchanted not just Japanese children but children and adults all over the world. If you’re in Japan and want a taste of Ghibli’s fantastical worlds for yourself, here’s 5 spots in Tokyo which will fully immerse you in the magic. Studio Ghibli Attractions in Tokyo 1. Mitaka Ghibli Museum, Kichijoji View this post on Instagram Saimaa Travelさん(がシェアした投稿 – 2018年 8月月30日午前9時08分PDT Starting with the most obvious one, the official Studio Ghibli Museum is located in Kichijoji. At this tribute to the revered animation studio you can see exhibitions, recreated sets and even an exclusive short animation. Sometimes special exhibitions…

Conan O’Brien Becomes Mayor of Conan Town For a Day, Serves Free Hamburgers

2018-09-07 03:40

The Feud Begins American talk show host Conan O’Brien made good on his promise to visit the town of Hokuei in Tottori Prefecture, yesterday, as the highlight of his remote segment in Japan. As fans of the manga Case Closed (Detective Conan) surely know, Hokuei also goes by the name Conan Town since it’s the birthplace of the manga’s creator Gosho Aoyama. In August, the American comedian aired his “grievances” against the fictional sleuth who he considered to be a manga copy of him, pointing to such similarities as being “a man trapped in a child’s body,” and requesting the manga’s rights holders pay him three trillion yen in compensation….

Get Mileage on Your Anime T-Shirt At New Anime Song DJ Party in Akihabara

2018-08-31 04:02

Do you have plans to visit Akihabara this weekend? If so, you may want to check out a completely new DJ party concept having its first run this coming Sunday afternoon. Anikura: Anime Song DJ Events Source: “Chara Tee Party in Akihabara Entas” / © twipla Over the past decade, a genre of DJ event called anikura (from the words anisong and club) has matured in Japan and even made significant inroads abroad. In its purest form, anikura events feature DJs only playing original or remixes of anime songs, but the genre has also come to encompass music from games, Vocaloid, idols, sometimes even dempa and chiptunes, either in original…

Station Master Tama the Cat Remains Railroad Goddess After Her Death

2018-08-24 04:33

JAPAN Forward, Kaichi Iwamoto Tama’s Enduring Popularity The popularity of the endearing “station master” Tama, a female calico cat on the Wakayama Electric Railway Kishigawa Line, endures. © JAPAN Forward While serving as a station master, Tama gained fame for her adorable outlook and attracted plenty of tourists from home and abroad. She frequently appeared in foreign media, causing her to gain an international reputation. Her popularity hasn’t faded, despite her death at the age of 16 in 2015. A pretty 30-minute train ride from the JR Wakayama Station brings you to the unmanned Kishi Station in the town of Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture. There you will find a Shinto shrine,…

Photographer Explores Kyoto Shrine and Finds Tiny Hidden World

2018-08-21 05:47

Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist spots in the area. The sprawling shrine is most famous for its path of striking red torii gates and bamboo forest. モモさん(@kuramubon064)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年 8月月20日午後10時19分PDT There’s plenty to explore as the shrine grounds are massive, and this intrepid photographer stumbled upon an eccentric little known feature of the religious site. His photos went viral on Twitter, with many people becoming captivated by the magical atmosphere. At first it may look like an ordinary photo of a shrine, but something seems a little off. If you compare the gates to the trees the proportions seem a bit weird. Source:…

Ushiku Buddha Japan’s Tallest Statue Lights Up With Firework Show

2018-08-21 05:47

The Ushiku Daibutsu, a 120-metre-tall bronze figure of Buddha, is the tallest statue in Japan and third tallest in the world. Despite only being just over an hour away from Tokyo station, it is little known as a tourist destination. This is probably due to the out of the way location, a bus ride away from the remote Ushiku station in Ibaraki Prefecture. However, the spectacular sight of the towering deity is well worth the detour. Source: Taihei_Tsukada Every year on August 15th a fireworks display and light show takes place at the mammoth statue creating an awe-inspiring show. Source: Taihei_Tsukada This photographer managed to capture these stunning photos which…

Making Satsuma Shochu Liquor: A Proud Kagoshima Tradition

2018-08-17 01:40

For the longest time, sake has taken center stage around the world. However, shochu is in fact Japan’s national alcohol, enjoyed more commonly than sake at popular eateries, bars, izakayas and pubs all over Japan. Unlike its more internationally famous cousin sake which is brewed, shochu is distilled mostly from starches such as rice, barley, sweet potatoes or buckwheat, or brown sugar. In Kagoshima, they brew Satsuma Shochu, made from locally grown sweet potatoes, known as satsuma-imo in Japanese. These potatoes are usually harvested in late autumn and early winter. Under the official recognition of the World Trade Organisation, the name “Satsuma Shochu” may only be used for Shochu liquor…

Nara’s Famous “Child Granting” Temple Reveals The Nature Of Japanese Power Spots

2018-08-17 12:58

In Japan, some of the most celebrated sightseeing areas are not simply tourist attractions, but what are known as “power spots”. Power spots are believed to provide visitors with a healing or rejuvenating energy, and while some are simply areas where one may feel in tune with nature, many are sought out with the hope of answering a wish or prayer, meaning they can be found at spiritual spots like ancient shrines. Just one look at the “wall of joy” at Jouganji, a Buddhist temple in Nara, will tell you what wish travelers from all over the country have in mind. On Ema, or wooden wishing plaques, visitors leave notes…

Comiket Cosplay Roundup: Our Favorites From Summer 2018

2018-08-14 10:28

Twice a year in Tokyo, literally hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts of anime, manga and games, as well as countless other hobbies converge on the twin inverted pyramids of Tokyo Big Sight for the bi-annual Comic Market, otherwise known as Comiket. The attendance for Comic Market 94, which concluded last Sunday, surpassed 530,000, which is 10,000 more than last summer. Comiket also happens to be one of the most important events for cosplayers. Not to be outdone by the astounding number and diversity of the fanzines and goods for sale within the halls, an incredible variety of cosplayers gather outside the halls at several locations around the Big Sight grounds,…

Wagashi: 7 Traditional Japanese Sweets You Have to Try

2018-08-10 05:19

If you come to Japan you have to try traditional sweets. Wagashi is an umbrella term for various traditional sweets and desserts. Apart from just artisanal presentation, they taste exquisite too. Using distinctly Japanese ingredients and flavours such as matcha, adzuki beans and kinako (roasted soy bean flour), they are completely different from their counterparts found in other countries. Usually less sweet, they match perfectly with a cup of green tea for a sublime Japanese teatime. Best Wagashi to Pick Up While in Japan 1. Mochi Ami_Tateishiさん(@ami_tateishi1118)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年 8月月8日午後10時22分PDT You’ve probably heard of mochi before, a contender for the softest material on this earth. In wagashi this super springy…

The Best Matcha and Other Green Tea Desserts in Tokyo

2018-08-03 04:38

Matcha and other variations of green tea take pride of place as an important part of Japanese culture. Appreciated for its taste and health benefits, it takes centre stage in traditional tea ceremonies. But if you don’t have time to attend such a lengthy occasion, you can sample high quality green tea in plenty of other more casual settings. In cafes all over Tokyo it’s served in tea form and as various desserts. These are some of the best matcha and green tea desserts that can be found in the Tokyo area. The tastiest, the prettiest and the most intense, get ready for all your green tea dreams to come…

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