The Best Way to Store Cooked Rice

2020-09-28 Mon

What do you do with rice leftover from a meal? Do you throw it away? Leave it in the rice cooker? Put it in the…

Making vegan and organic dishes in Japan

2020-09-27 Sun

There is a ton of great food in Japan. From elaborate homegrown New Year’s meals to spectacular seafood catches, foodies have countless delectable dishes to…

Plastic surgery in Japan

2020-09-20 Sun

Japan is an image-conscious society. Just take a train during a weekday morning rush hour. Businessmen have on pristine suits with ne’er a wrinkle, while…

This Japanese Dog Knows a Funny Trick

2020-09-20 Sun

If you have any dogs, you’ve probably taught them a trick or two. Along with going for walks, riding in the car, or just hanging…

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