All Eeveelutions Available as Detailed $100 Silver Necklaces for Stylish Pokemon Trainers

2018-12-06 04:44

Jewellers U-Treasure are the purveyors of fine jewellery for the more sophisticated otaku. They have a wide range of themed items based on popular series such as Star Wars or Pokemon, but their items don’t look childish or garish in any way. The stylish jewellery is aimed at adult fans, and they’ve even brought out some pretty Pokemon wedding rings for trainers who are done adventuring solo. A very delicate and feminine line of necklaces dedicated to the ever-popular Eeveelutions (a collective term for the different Pokemon that can evolve from Eevee) have recently become available. The whole set of Eeveelutions were revealed one by one in classic ‘Who’s that…

Japanese Fashion Brand Beams and Ziploc Collaborate to Create Sandwich Bag Couture

2018-09-04 04:09

Ziploc shook the world of food storage with its trusty seal, changing packed lunches forever. The clear bag with iconic blue and red seal has become instantly recognisable, paving the way for their unexpected leap into the fashion world. That’s right, the plastic food storage bags have become inspiration for a line of apparel from Beams Couture, the Japanese fashion brand. The interesting collaboration has led to a cool and surprisingly wearable street style which would totally look at home worn on the streets of Harajuku. Source: Beams The line-up seems like a playful nod to the current trend of transparent bags and shoes by referencing one of the most…

Show Your Love For Hello Kitty By Wearing Her Skull As Your Jewelry

2018-07-27 03:21

You can now wear Hello Kitty’s skull as rings, necklaces, and earrings. You won’t find any shortage of celebration in Japan for Hello Kitty. In fact, Sanrio’s cutest cat just launched perhaps her biggest endeavor yet with the official Hello Kitty bullet train debuting last month. Never one to be content with just one campaign,however, the iconic feline just announced a collaboration with silver jeweler and wedding ring maker JAM HOME MADE–one that suggests you might be able to wear jewelry fashioned from Hello Kitty’s skull! They aren’t outright stated to be the skull of the worldwide feline mascot and there’s some gaps in facial structure, but are a collaboration…

These Fluffy Bunny Pouches Are The Cutest Way To Carry Your Goods Around

2017-10-26 04:20

While Japanese online shop Felissimo’s YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) tends to focus on the infinite adorableness of cats and Shiba Inu, they often mix things up with bunny-themed goods. Bunny bento box wrappings and bunny bottle towels are good examples of their love for rabbits, but maybe their gigantic French Lop bunny cuddle bunny is their biggest show of affection for our floppy-eared friends. Now they’re upping their game with accessory pouches that look and feel like fluffy bunnies! Source: PR Times Felissimo had previously released bunny-themed pouches, but a questionnaire they posed to their customers revealed that a fluffier and more realistic…

Gorgeous Cat Modeling Cute Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform Collar Is Too Cool For School

2017-08-28 03:58

It’s not uncommon to see dogs in Japan wearing pet-sweaters to brave the colder seasons (and sometimes chilly indoors), but lately we’ve seen some cats sporting some rather inventive feline fashion. In the past year, there’s been a cat cafe in Saitama with a staff of kitties who cosplay, along with a cat who plays dress-up to teach Instagram followers about Japanese culture. Sometimes, however, these cat clothes aim for a nice balance of both cuteness and practicality, as ween with the recent kitty scarf. Source: @atelier_mam Japanese pet collar designer and Twitter user Mam (@atelier_mam), however, is now trotting out an item that simply doubles down on the cuteness…

Got No Friends? Make Some Doge Buddies With These Adorable Shiba Inu Hanging Table Racks

2017-08-15 03:59

Japanese online retailer Felissimo‘s YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) tends to gravitate toward feline goods, such as scratch and sniff stationery that smells like a kitty tummy, but they also seek to satisfy Shiba Inu lovers with quirky products such as Shiba Inu smartphone cases that let you give dog belly rubs, as well as these adorable Doge Bags. Their latest fun entry in Shiba Inu-themed goods, however, is a combination of utility and companionship in the form of Shiba Inu hanging racks that give you some doge friends to enjoy meals with. Source: PR Times The “Overhead Shiba Inu Hanging Rack” works just…

Shiba Inu Smartphone Pouches Let You Simulate Rubbing A Doggy Belly On Your Phone

2017-06-06 06:16

Update: They are now in stock at Felissimo’s international site. It seems like not a week goes by without Japanese online retailer Felissimo making another adorable addition to their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese), which features practical but often silly pet-themed items. In the past they’ve put out Shiba Inu doggy bags that perk their ears when you grab them, cute and casual cat yukata, and even cat paw socks that give you better footing indoors. Now, similar to their cat paw smartphone gloves, Felissimo is releasing these Shiba Inu-shaped smartphone pouches that let you feel like you’re rubbing a dog’s tummy as you…

Get A Thunderbolt Of Battery Life From This Pikachu Butt Plug Phone Charger

2017-06-06 04:52

It’s not uncommon for goods from the Pokemon franchise make us raise our eyebrows, as seen with the enormous Snorlax pillow cushion that nearly consumed Japanese homes, but the item in question this time offers a little more utility than sleeping on top of the laziest creature in the Pokemon universe. However, that utility comes along with a jarring aesthetic in the form of a Portable USB phone charger in the shape of Pikachu–one that requires you plug the USB cable directly into the flagship Pokemon’s butt! Source: DH Gate Source: DH Gate As Nico Nico News points out, this isn’t an official Pokemon Company release or even from Japan….

French Jewelry Brand Creates Japan-Inspired Collection Featuring Retro-Modern Designs

2017-05-22 04:39

During the late-19th century, ukiyo-e, porcelain, fans, and other forms of Japanese fine art became strong sources of inspiration for many Western artists. The European craze for Japanese art became so great that the word “Japonism” was coined in 1872 to describe the phenomenon, and has since been used to explain the influence of Japanese art on Western art culture. Now, two centuries later, the usage of the word “Neo Japonism” has been on the rise. Neo Japonism refers to a revival of Western interest in Japanese art, which has prompted many artists to turn to Japanese art culture for inspiration when producing modern works and designs. Source: PR Times…

Impressive Japanese Fake Food Samples Turned Into Headgear And Other Accesories

2016-10-11 01:47

If you’ve been to Japan, you may have had the pleasure of seeing the Japanese food sample displays outside of major restaurants. Outside of being quite charming and very well made, the displays are super tourist-friendly for those who don’t quite have the language skills to navigate a menu, and can clear up any questions you have about what the food actually looks like. Here’s an example if you’ve never seen one. @SUCAさん(@asue0102)が投稿した写真 – 2015 11月 25 1:28午前 PST Some look so similar to the actual thing that it would easy to accidentally take a bite out of one of them. While that obviously wouldn’t be advisable, if you really…

Faithful Dog Shiba Inu Series Features Squishy Doge Faces And Shiba Inu Butts To Guard Your Stuff

2016-09-30 12:50

Quirky Japanese online retailer Felissimo has their flag firmly planted on the mountain of insanely cute kitty and rabbit goods, but every now and then they tackle another lovable animal–this time it’s everyone’s favorite Shiba Inu, with the Faithful Dog Shiba Inu 5 series, which lets you store your goods in five different adorable Shiba Inu holders and goods. Source: PR Times This doge squishy faced Shiba Inu travel pouch is one of highlights, as the faithful dog is defiantly guarding your goods from would-be criminals, and the back doubles as a holder for IC commuter passes, which get an awful lot of use in Japan. Source: PR Times Although…

Japanese Hooded Cat Pajamas And Blanket Cuddle Buddies To Keep You Purring 24/7

2016-09-13 05:54

Japanese online retailer Felissimo deals largely in feline-themed merchandise, so much that they’ve actually set up a Cat Club section of their store, including their new international web page for non-Japanese speakers. While they’re latest release was an adorable kitty-shaped marshmallow set with a Japanese traditional sweet twist, now they’re giving cat fans an opportunity to live out the feline experience in their own leisure time, with fluffy cat hoodies and pajamas, as well as kitty blanket cuddle buddies and tote bags. Source: Felissimo Source: Felissimo The first two items belong to the Soft and Fluffy Cat Design Hooded Room Jackets And Pants Collection. The hooded jackets are loose-fitting (sizes…

Deck Out In Exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! Jewelry For A Uniquely Elegant Look

2016-08-30 02:31

If you’re a fashion-forward Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, your day is about to get a whole lot better. Available exclusively by SuperGroupies are elegant Yu-Gi-Oh! jewlery, all with which you can subtly but stylishly express your love for the popular manga series. The original Yu-Gi-Oh! jewelry line includes gold plated silver Millennium Puzzle necklaces, rings, and earrings from Duel Monsters, as well as Yuya Sasaki’s pendant from ARC-V, a good luck charm that’s always seen hanging around the neck of the character. Source: SuperGroupies Source: SuperGroupies All accessories are exquisitely detailed and durable, making for a unique addition to any outfit for both guys and girls. They’re small enough to look like…

Beaches Are About To Get Kawaii With Japan’s “Become A Mermaid” Tours

2016-08-01 12:40

Japan has a well documented appreciation of all things cute, and companies in Japan are definitely no stranger to the exotic appeal of mermaids as a way of marketing kawaii goods. Now a Japan-based company is taking a play out of tourism in the Philippines by allowing you to dress up as a mermaid and enjoy swimming and photo shoots in travel packages. Source: PR Times You may be familiar with The Philippine Mermaid Swimming School, which started in Boracay as an academy for swimming lessons while wearing gaudy mermaid tails. Perhaps with the allure of such a course, as well as Japan’s eternal love for The Little Mermaid (Ariel…

Get Cute Summery Pikachu Accessories For Even More Pokémon In Your Life

2016-07-19 12:10

While much of the world is in the midst of a Pokémon GO frenzy, Japan is still patiently waiting for the day the game will be launched to the country’s eager fans. But as home base for the Pokémon franchise, Japan is fortunately never lacking in anything Pokémon-related. And as for this summer, Pikachu will be joined by some of our other favorite characters to be featured in an original accessory and makeup line by Japanese brand ITS’ DEMO. Source: PR Times The Pokémon Love ITS’ DEMO collaboration paints Pikachu and the gang on vacation at the beach, surfing and hanging out under palm trees. You’ll find Eevee, Umbreon (Blacky…