Sayonara Broken iPhone Screens: “Cat Flip” Case Automatically Closes Lid If Dropped

2018-02-08 04:51

Cat Flip: The World’s First iPhone Case That Protects Your Phone When It Drops It’s the same sad scenario everywhere. You get a new iPhone, and just a few days later, for whatever reason, you drop it and now the screen is full of cracks… Buying a case with a protective cover helps but even they aren’t foolproof. Depending on what type it is and how you’re holding it and, there’s still a chance it could fall on its screen when it drops too. If only there was a way to make sure that your phone NEVER hits the floor screen-side down… Well, now there is! Taking a hint from…

Astonishing Memo Pads Reveal Intricate Embedded Models The More You Use Them

2018-01-23 08:36

Updated: February 12th, 2018 You don’t need to be a stationery enthusiast to appreciate this marvel of fine craftsmanship, beauty and utility. With their OMOSHIROI BLOCK series, Japanese architectural model maker Triad Inc. has created one of the coolest memo pads we have ever seen. With permission from (C) Triad Inc. With permission from (C) Triad Inc. Triad Inc. has leveraged its experience making architectural models to create quite an extensive range of memo pads covering famous Japanese landmarks such as Kyoto’s world-renowned Kiyomizudera Temple (seen above), with four variants in different hues, Tokyo Tower, the famous touristic landmark Kaminarimon Gate in the Asakusa neighborhood, which leads to the Sensoji…

Time Lapse Shows How Japan Fixed The Massive Fukuoka Sinkhole In Just A Week

2016-11-16 06:19

Just one week after a massive sinkhole opened on a major street outside of Hakata station in the city of Fukuoka, Japan, city officials have announced the street repaired enough to be reopened to the public this Tuesday. 博多駅通ったので例のアレをみてきたけどもう大分埋まってて日本すごいな、、と驚きました‥ — 塩葛餅@3日目プ31a (@kzmch_823) 2016年11月10日 The whole, measured 30 meters long, 27 meters wide and 15 meters deep, opened up in the early morning of November 8th, and is believed to have been caused by underground construction work on the extension of a subway line in the city. Despite severe damage to the roads and concern for the safety of nearby buildings, no injuries were reported. Just as astounding is the…