This babysitter cat has his paws full

2021-01-24 Sun

Being a parent is tough—it’s a full-time job without a doubt. As every parent knows, you have to keep a watchful eye on your child,…

This Japanese Cat Knows What Halfsies Means [manga]

2021-01-24 Sun

Twitter user AKR (@bou128) took in a kitten from a veterinary clinic and named his new black cat Ron. 今日はコロリンコロリンしている#日めくりコタツ — AKR (@bou128) November…

This Japanese cat has a strange obsession

2020-12-21 Mon

Puccho, aka (@puuuutttyo) has two cats at home and loves them so much that she maintains several SNS accounts dedicated to their everyday life. Here’s…

The reason why 160,000 people laughed at this “SOS”

2020-12-21 Mon

A Twitter user, Nekomarusuisan (@nekomarusuisan7), got a lot of attention recently upon posting this absurd, and hard-to-explain image: 「友人がやっているから」「一度吸うだけだから大丈夫」そんな軽い好奇心が始まりです。吸ってる時は嫌な事を忘れられました。「いつでもやめれる」そう言い回数を重ねていき、のちに吸っていない時もその事を考え、生活が支配されました。もう私は自分の意思ではやめることが出来ません。誰か助けて。 — ねこまるすいさん (@nekomarusuisan7) December 4,…