Dog Enjoys Northern Japan’s Blizzard

2021-01-24 Sun

The New Year’s brought heavy snow to Northern Japan. The blizzard conditions across the Hokuriku region caused a standstill on the Hokuriku Expressway and 8…

The reason why 160,000 people laughed at this “SOS”

2020-12-21 Mon

A Twitter user, Nekomarusuisan (@nekomarusuisan7), got a lot of attention recently upon posting this absurd, and hard-to-explain image: 「友人がやっているから」「一度吸うだけだから大丈夫」そんな軽い好奇心が始まりです。吸ってる時は嫌な事を忘れられました。「いつでもやめれる」そう言い回数を重ねていき、のちに吸っていない時もその事を考え、生活が支配されました。もう私は自分の意思ではやめることが出来ません。誰か助けて。 — ねこまるすいさん (@nekomarusuisan7) December 4,…

Snuggling up during a storm [manga]

2020-09-28 Mon

It’s typhoon season in Japan. Typically that means a few stormy nights when residents stay home. On such hazardous occasions, all you can do is…

Hidekichi’s Pets Both Have Great Ears [manga]

2020-09-22 Tue

犬と猫とどっちも飼ってると毎日たのしい Every Day is Fun Raising Both a Cat and Dog Manga artist Hidekichi Matsumoto (@hidekiccan) is known for works like さばげぶっ (Survival Game Club!)…