Creepy Evolving Japanese Baseball Mascot Reveals Its Fifth and Final Form

2018-06-27 02:17

The Mysterious Fish: Nazo no Sakana The funky fishy mascot for the Chiba Lotte Marines in Nippon Professional Baseball, known as Nazo no Sakana (Mysterious Fish), has become quite famous both at home and abroad for its continually evolving and creepy looking forms. The third form, in particular, seems to have grossed out more than one fan, and was the butt of a few jokes, even prompting rival team mascots to chase after it during a memorable half-time performance last year. While some wondered if the third would be the last form, the mysterious fish continued its eerie evolution with a fourth form which had a very obvious hint that…

Sayonara Broken iPhone Screens: “Cat Flip” Case Automatically Closes Lid If Dropped

2018-02-08 04:51

Cat Flip: The World’s First iPhone Case That Protects Your Phone When It Drops It’s the same sad scenario everywhere. You get a new iPhone, and just a few days later, for whatever reason, you drop it and now the screen is full of cracks… Buying a case with a protective cover helps but even they aren’t foolproof. Depending on what type it is and how you’re holding it and, there’s still a chance it could fall on its screen when it drops too. If only there was a way to make sure that your phone NEVER hits the floor screen-side down… Well, now there is! Taking a hint from…