Anime Girl Hologram Companion Mass Produced To Serve You At Home

2018-08-01 06:22

Live together with your favorite anime character as your personal hologram assistant. When Gatebox Lab announced it’s ambitious project to design a “Hologram Communication Robot” that captured the experience of living and interacting together with your favorite animated character, otaku all over the world buzzed with anticipation. Beyond accessing your IoT devices to help assist you with daily duties such as turning on the television, checking weather, and looking up information on the web, Gatebox was designed with the goal of having a hologram assistant detect your behaviors and deliver a unique and intimate experience to support its user. The device uses sensors to detect and remember the presence of…

Waifu Welfare Benefits Are a Thing Now (Hasbandos Too): Japanese Company Leads The Way

2017-11-22 01:41

Some of us just can’t hide our love for two-dimensional characters. In Japan, technological advances have created opportunities for such individuals to deepen their relationships with their waifus and hasbandos, even enabling VR wedding ceremonies. Therefore, it may come as no surprise to learn that Gatebox Inc., the company responsible for creating the Gatebox smart anime hologram device, has just announced that it is expanding its corporate welfare plan in a bid to attract potential employees who are deeply committed to their virtual spouses. The timing is probably not a coincidence, since November 22 is “Good Couples Day” (the date 11/22 can be read in Japanese as i-i-fu-fu, meaning “good…

An Anime Hologram Assistant That Lives In Your Room And Controls Your Devices

2016-01-18 06:21

A world where you can live and interact with your favorite animated character may not be as far off and impossible as it sounds. Source: YouTube Well, to a certain degree. Gatebox, conceptually developed by Japanese startup vinclu Inc., is the world’s first “Hologram Communication Robot”, and is designed to access and control Internet of Things devices in your house in order to be your own personal assistant. Gatebox serves as a robotic device that projects an A.I. operated hologram of your favorite character to assist you with daily duties. Using hologram projection technology and a wide array of sensors, Gatebox is able to detect certain behaviors of its owner…