The Salary of a Japanese Mascot Revealed

2018-05-08 Tue

Japan’s yuruchara have become indispensable to promoting tourism in remote areas. Yuruchara are mascots which represent certain regions of Japan and will be present at…

Mysterious Objects in Shinto Shrine Are Not Entirely From This World

2017-09-26 Tue

Twitter user @kulanla, who was visiting Chikato Shrine in Nakanojo, Gunma Prefecture last weekend, came across something completely unexpected… 今日行った神社の謎のオブジェが気になった — くくら (@kulanla) 2017年9月23日…

Doai: Japan’s Deepest Train Station

2017-04-14 Fri

Japan is a country renowned for its train network – from the speed and convenience of the shinkansen network to the crowded commuter trains of…