[Update] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

In a series called “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”, Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) takes the imaginative sketches of his two sons and uses his skills as a professional animation creator to flesh them out as full-blown creative collaborations. The illustrations span across all genres, introducing fantastical one-eyed monsters and cyberpunk heroes showing off the sons’ creative capacity for dreaming up a variety of characters and worlds. The series, which Romain hopes to put together in a book when all is said and done, certainly shows off two distinct artistic styles, but also gives insight into the potential world-building and…

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Illustrator Turns Kit Kat Flavors Into Gorgeous Anime Characters

Illustrator Cioccolatodorima has a flair for creative artwork, but what he really seems to do well is what’s known in Japan as gijinka (擬人化). Gijinka is Japanese for “personification” or “anthropomorphism”, and in modern usage typically refers to an art style that humanizes animals or inanimate objects with an anime aesthetic that displays characteristics of the original model. Cioccolatodorima is applying his talent in that regard to the various flavors of Kit Kat, which includes Japan’s never-ending lineup of exciting flavors like melon and mascarpone cheese, or flavors set to match your birthstone. Over the past year or so, Cioccolatodorima has created a series of artwork that brings the various…

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Send Custom Comic Book Packages With Manga Tape

Gift-giving customs in Japan runs deep. Whether it be within the workplace, a wedding, or the importance of wrapping the gift itself, there are many facets to the culture of gift giving in Japan than make it a special act. While this isn’t necessarily true of sending packages, an awarding winning design by Japanese stationery company Kokuyo is giving you the option of adding an extra level of personalization to the packages you send in the form of your very own manga strip! Manga Tape previously was honored at the 2016 Kokuyo Design Awards, and is now set to be realized with its very own release. The strip of tape…

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[Part 5] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

By now you may be familiar with the work of Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!), who literally illustrates the artistic bond he shares with his two sons in a series of artwork titled “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”. In it, Romain takes the creative sketches of his sons and applies his skill as a talented professional animator to bring them to life with an awesome anime aesthetic. Romain told us the project has given his eldest son inspiration to become an animator himself, and he also mentions that one day he wants to collect them all and make a book…

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Japanese Illustrator Turns Life’s Awkward Yet Totally Relatable Moments Into Ukiyoe-Style Drawings

It’s a given that life has a bottomless stock of awkward moments for us to experience. But we tend to forget that we’re all human, and a lot of what we go through are relatable to the vast majority of people just trying to live their lives. Japanese illustrator Takayuki Yamada jots down such moments and turns them into relatable haikus written alongside ukiyoe-style illustrations. Though a web designer by day, in his free time the Fukuoka-based artist conjures his alter ego Yamada Zenjidou, a haiku poet from the Bakumatsu-Meiji periods living in a modernized society. Using the voice of Zenjidou, Yamada creates artwork reminiscent of traditional Japanese art that…

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Daughter Asks Dad To Turn Her Drawings Into Adorably Unique Character Bentos

As many dads in Japan have proved, a little bit of creativity goes a long way when it comes to putting a smile on their kids’ faces. But while some fathers might turn their children’s sketches into professionally designed anime characters, Japanese comedian Takafumi Ozeki reproduces his daughter’s cute drawings as accurately as he can into heartwarming, handmade character bento lunches. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ozeki’s adorable creations, but it looks like he’s come far from the days when he worried he would make an awkward impression on his daughter’s teacher. This year for Father’s Day, his daughter requested he turn a drawing she made of him…

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Belly Rub Japanese Scratch And Sniff Stationery That Smells Like Shiba Inu And Cat Tummies

Japanese online retailer Felissimo’s YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) has featured some pretty adventurous products in past, including smartphone cases that let you simulate scratching a happy Shiba Inu’s belly, as well as scented lip gloss that replicates kissing a wet cat nose. Now the company combining belly-rubbing and fragrance and upping their creativity with scratch and sniff sheets scented with the fragrance of cat and Shiba Inu bellies! Source: PR Times Source: PR Times The sheets are exactly as described–stationery pads that depict happy-go-lucky Shiba Inu and cats exposing their bellies for stomach rubs. If you scratch or rub your fingers on the…

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[Part 4] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) makes the best of his profession and his father-and-son play time by taking the sketches drawn by his two sons and applying his craft to turn them into amazingly illustrated anime characters. While some have commented that they feel this upstages the original drawings, it’s a collaborative effort that the children seem to be happily providing creative fuel for with very imaginative sketches. Romain and his sons call it the “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”, and hope to put it all together in one collection one day. Here’s a quick detailing of the process. 親子デザイン工房の描き方。タイムラプス動画を編集してみました!Steampunk…

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Awesome Dad Turns His Daughter’s Doodles Into Adorably Accurate Bento

We’ve seen some touching efforts from dads in Japan this year, whether it be turning a cardboard Nintendo Switch into an actual one or an anime artist turning his sons’ doodles into professional quality illustrations. Takafumi Ozeki, one half of Japanese comedy duo The Geese, can add his name to that list. The father and comedian prepares artistic character bento lunch boxes for his daughter in Kindergarten based on her requests. Adorable enough as that is, Ozeki recently got a very peculiar request from his daughter for her next bento. Instead of just asking him to make a specific character, she handed him a sketch of how she wanted her…

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Holding Mascot Design Contest, Offering ¥1 Million Prize

While anime character heavyweights such as Goku, Luffy, Sailor Moon, and Naruto have been named as official “ambassadors” of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, an official mascot has yet to be selected. That’s because the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organizing Committee is offering one lucky winner the chance to design the mascot themselves, with 1,000,000 yen ($8,975 USD) for the winner, and 100,000 yen ($896 USD) for finalists as incentive. Source: IOC/IPC/Tokyo2020 Guidelines state that the contest is open to both Japanese and foreign residents of Japan, and applicants are required to submit a mascot design for both the Olympic and Paralympic games with a text profile of the characters. As…

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[Part 3] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

Twice this year, we’ve seen some touching and impressive illustrations from Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) in the form of what he calls the “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”. Romain takes the imaginative sketches and drawings of his two sons and applies his own creative and professional touch to turn them into lively anime characters. While Romain has to focus on digital animation a lot do to his work, he enjoys putting together this series as an opportunity to enjoy the basics of drawing with his kids, and hopefully give them a little artistic motivation. Included this time are two…

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Artist Turns Fast Food Chain Mascots Into Anime Characters

Fast food chain mascots seem to have a natural affinity for the anime aesthetic, as proven by the Wendy’s girl being turned into a smug anime girl recently. Digital artist from the Philippines OzumiiWizard may be demonstrating that better than anyone, however, as her illustrations of Fast Food Chain Restaurants come to life as anime characters are absolutely awesome. Check her out on Devinatart and Facebook for more.

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Artist’s Anime Style Zodiac Bra And Panty Designs Turned Into Actual Lingerie Line

Anime-inspired lingerie is nothing new, as we’ve seen with this Neon Genesis Evangelion collection, but Japanese illustrator @papao_pao, whose lingerie-concept fan art includes themes based off of Gundam, Dragon Quest, and even chess pieces–may be leading the charge of creative designs with the Twitter buzz they’ve acquired. The artist recently was met with a lot of attention after designing a lingerie series based on the traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs, so much that Japanese lingerie maker Izumi has decided to pick it up and officially release it. 【ご報告】以前描いた12星座ブラが下着メーカー(株)いずみ様により商品化され、予約が始まりました! グッズ・BOX付きで3980円から。自分の星座、好きな誰かの星座、色々と楽しんでもらえたら嬉しいです。 — パオ (@papao_pao) 2017年4月5日 As is common with Japanese manufacturers when it comes to multi-installment series, the “12 Zodiac…

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[Part 2] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

Earlier this year, we introduced the heartwarming and impressive series of illustrations by Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!). Called the Father and Sons Illustration series, Romain takes sketches of characters designed by his two sons and gives them an amazing anime style facelift. Romain is making good on his promise to one day put together the collaborative effort into a picture book for his sons by continuing the series with several new drawings. While Romain’s art is as great as always, it seems that his sons’ have leveled up their artwork and detail, perhaps inspired by their dad’s efforts. They’ve started…

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Hypothetical Studio Ghibli Theme Park Art Shows One Charming Attraction After Another

While we’ve seen conceptual art of what a Studio Ghibli Theme Park might look like before (and it was even made by a Disney artist and theme park designer), it’s only fair that we introduce a Japanese fan’s take on what a hypothetical Studio Ghibli Theme Park might look like. Here is a super detailed conceptual design by Japanese illustrator Takumi, which boasts worlds and attractions bound to satisfy any Studio Ghibli fan. Source: Facebook/Takumi Structurally, the hypothetical dreamworld of Studio Ghibli fans seems to resemble Disneyland, although it comes with the bonus of a Cat Bus monorail to guide you around the park’s may adventures. The center of the…

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