Japan’s New Giant Gundam Is It’s Biggest And Most Epic Yet

Reaction to the deconstruction and departure of the 18 meter tall landmark Gundam statue in Tokyo’s Odaiba area was bittersweet, but with the announcement that the previous RX-78-2 Gundam would be replaced by a bigger and better full scale Unicorn Gundam with special transformation abilities, complaints weren’t heard for long. This past weekend, the new and improved Unicorn Gundam was unveiled in Odaiba’s Diver City, and it is easily the biggest and most impressive Mobile Suit statue yet! 内山さんとユニコーン変形 pic.twitter.com/krEH8KRLWy — エイジ (@EIZ_510) 2017年9月23日 Standing at 19.7 meters tall, this RX-0 Unicorn Gundam clocks in at a one-to-one scale, and doesn’t just sport improvements in size. The new Gundam features…

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Godzilla Humidifier Lights Up Room With Signature Atomic Breath

Godzilla: Resurgence (Shin-Gojira) ended up being a pretty appropriate title for the latest theatrical romp for the King of Monsters. Ever since the movie was announced, a load of interesting Godzilla merchandise has been teased–including a Godzilla vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion figure designed by the Metal Gear Solid character artist, Godzilla beauty masks, as well as a Godzilla anime. Now in a similar quirky but practical style as the No-Face burping piggy bank, and atomic breath-spewing Godzilla Humidifier is being released. Source: At Press The humidifier uses LED lighting to give the beam emitting from Godzilla’s mouth the signature blue atomic breath aesthetic, and while it’s busy as work increasing…

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Japan Releases Coca-Cola Coffee

One of the major conveniences of Japan is that vending machines are around just about every corner, and outside of a variety of beverages, they sell just about everything, from sake to dashi. If you’ve ever spotted a Georgia brand vending machine, you’ll have noticed it’s owned by Coca-Cola and sells their products along with a variety of canned coffees. Now the brand is crossing streams with a vending machine exclusive Coca-Cola coffee called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus. コークご乱心!? コーラにコーヒーはアリなのか、自販機限定『コカ・コーラ COFFEE PLUS』を飲んで確認! https://t.co/pUDOnY2GIr pic.twitter.com/wPW2xDi1cu — 【公式】リュールブ 最安値ショップ (@ryuurubusaiyasu) 2017年9月13日 If you remember Coca-Cola BlāK, you’ll know this isn’t the first coffee Coca-Cola. While it doesn’t feature the charming aesthetic of Japan’s…

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Sleep Like A Bunny With These Fluffy Rabbit-Eared Pajamas

Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard has always been a hub for adventurous and themed roomwear and pajamas. In the past, their online shop has offered super comfy kimono pajamas, fairy tale character-themed pajamas, and even a Japanese schoolgirl outfit that doubles as a kotatsu. The store is turning its eyes to animals for its latest release, however, with these fluffy one piece bunny-eared pajamas. Source: PR Times During colder seasons in Japan, it’s not uncommon to cozy up under the dangerously warming comfort of a kotatsu or more billowy pajamas to combat older houses or lack of central heating. These pajamas, called the “Rabbit Roomwear Fluffy One Piece”, provide…

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Japanese Sweets Maker Combines Pudding and Pancakes In Super Convenient Packaging

When it comes to nostalgic taste in Japan, you won’t find many bigger names than sweets and snacks maker Morinaga. Their popular caramels were a childhood favorite of those in the Showa era, so much that they were turned into McShakes for a vintage success. One of the company’s most well-known products, however, is their pancake mix, which has even inspired a maple syrup pancake hot spring in Japan. Now Morinaga is delivering their popular pancake mix flavor in two forms sure to be a sweet success: pancake flavored pudding and pancake flavored ice cream bars. Source: PR Times Japanese-style pudding is often compared to Flan or creme caramel, made…

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Absolutely Stunning Photos Of Hokkaido’s Fire Walking Festival Bring Japanese Folklore To Life

Japanese festivals seem to put a priority on spectacle, whether they be magical lantern festivals that seem like they came right out of Spirited Away, or penis festivals with giant marching phalluses, guests always walk away with a sight to remember. Japan’s most northern prefecture of Hokkaido is home to a many regional festivals, but it’s dramatic fire-walking festival held in the town of Furubira may be one of its most spectacular. Source: @katuka2 While not the only fire-walking (hi no watari) event in Japan, Furubira’s festival adds a theatrical flair by having a Tengu cross a barrier of towering wall of flames. Tengu (“Heavenly Dog”) are somewhat disruptive spirits…

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Cowboy Bebop Director Shinichiro Watanabe Is Directing A Blade Runner Anime Short

Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo director Shinichiro Watanabe will have his hands full in collaborating on the U.S. live-action TV series of Cowboy Bebop, but in the mean time he will be keeping himself busy as he directs and writes the script for an upcoming short Blade Runner anime. Titled Blade Runner Black Out 2022, the anime short is set in the year 2022, between the original Blade Runner film and the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. According to Cinema Pia, the story will revolve around massive blackouts on the West Coast of the United States, which leads to a food shortage crisis. A scientist develops a new artificial farming method…

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Japan’s Scariest Haunted House Experience Has Guests Wander Through An Abandoned Hospital

Japan’s fascinating lore of vengeful spirits and abundance of spooky abandoned spots has resulted in some particularly interesting horror-themed services (as well as Instagram accounts), such as a taxi cab tour that drops you off at a series of haunted spots. Sometimes it’s the basics that are most terrifying, and that can be seen at Fuji-Q Highland’s Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear, an abandoned hospital-themed maze that claims to be the longest and scariest house of horrors in the world. Located in Yamanashi prefecture, the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park is most known for its adventurous roller coasters, it’s 900 meter long labyrinth of terror is one of its most sought-after…

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Japanese Nerd And Fetish Brand Releases Gakuran School Uniform Swimsuit

While by no means a booming fashion trend, in recent years Japan has seen a growing interest in the colorful niche of themed swimsuits. While they are obviously attention-getters at any beach or poolside gathering, they also function as valuable pieces for cosplayers and models, as seen with the Shrine Maiden Bikini. Japanese fetish and design brand School Fiction has been leading the way with a fashion lineup of “sexy” swimsuits with the aesthetic of traditional Japanese school uniforms. The latest in their series takes another classic Japanese school uniform, the gakuran, and transforms it into a stylish and very convincing swimsuit. Source: School Fiction The gakuran is a stand-up…

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Japan’s First Cat Cafe On A Train Purrs To An Adorable Success

Japan’s love for cat cafes has yet to burn out. The feline trend has evolved beyond a simple opportunity to sip coffee and play with cats, and spawned interesting varieties that offer up incredibly luxurious cat host clubs, cafes with cosplaying kitties, and even opportunities to raise awareness for and adopt FIV+ cats. Recently, Japan continued the evolution of cat cafes by introducing the world’s first cat cafe train, courtesy of Yoro Railways. More photos from Sunday's first ever cat cafe train. One train in Japan with 30 kittens. For 2 1/2 hours, the cutest place on earth. #cats pic.twitter.com/BV8HRYsenv — Bill Adler (@billadler) 2017年9月11日 The event, hosted by Yoro…

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Give Your Skin A Ghibli Shine With Charming Set Of Studio Ghibli Girl-Themed Moisturizers

For fans of celebrated animation studio Studio Ghibli in Japan, Donguri Kyowakoku is a must-visit paradise. The Studio Ghibli specialty shop has offered a variety of exciting items in the past, including a No-Face Piggy Bank that devours coins and burps, embroidered vintage Japanese jackets, and a character-inspired tea collection harvested from the real-life Totoro forest. Now the Studio Ghibli goods emporium is offering a lineup of Studio Ghibli female character moisturizing creams with cool can designs. The moisturizer series comes courtesy of cosmetics brand Steam Cream, and features the popular female characters of Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, and Whisper of the Heart. There are two character-themed creams from…

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Sailor Moon Cafe Opens In Japan With Colorful And Nostalgic Character-Themed Menu

One of Japan’s most popular anime-themed pop-up shops is back, with the Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 officially opening up at four different locations in the country. While previous iterations of the cafe have featured Sailor Moon themed food and drink, the 2017 edition offers perhaps the most distinct and character driven menu yet, with a colorful menu sure to satisfy fans of the popular animated series. Source: Sailor Moon Cafe While the shop is once again a limited-time offer, the restaurant is worth a trip to sample at the wide variety of Sailor Moon-themed food, drink, and desserts–as well as take home memorabilia. Food: Luna and Artemis Good Friends Burger…

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Fast Food Chain Combines Two Of Japan’s Favorite Foods For On-The-Go Fish-Shaped Omelettes

Japanese fast food chain Lotteria is certainly no stranger to spicing up their menu with some creative items. In the past they’ve released such adventurous items as burgers so cheesy and stretchy they come with a bib, as well as the overwhelming “Everything On It” burger. In a departure from hamburgers, however, they are combining one of Japan’s favorite traditional snacks with one of the country’s favorite dishes in the form of Omurice Taiyaki. Lotteria Press Release Taiyaki, fish-shaped (seam bream, to be exact) cakes usually filled with red bean, have gathered some attention around the world in recent years, thanks to colorful dessert and ice cream varieties becoming popular….

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Shiba Inu Face And Butt Dango May Be The Cutest Japanese Snack Ever

Many traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) are lauded not only for their exquisite taste, but also their intricate and beautiful designs as well. As recently seen with a Japanese jelly dessert that reveals a different picturesque scene with each slice, many longstanding wagashi makers are looking to enhance the aesthetic qualities of these treats, but sometimes it’s the simple creative effort people apply at home that stands out the most. Take for instance, animal lover and Japanese Twitter user Nao’s (@england618) take on dango, a Japanese dumpling sweet made from mochiko rice flour. Nao has made perhaps the cutest dango Japan has ever seen, as they are shaped and decorated to…

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Fascinating Look At How Japanese “Eel Masters” Work 24/7 To Make The Perfect Unagi

It’s often thought that sushi (although which contrary to popular belief, doesn’t actually require any seafood) is thought of to be Japan’s representative fish dish, it may be eel, or unagi, that is the country’s most beloved. Now changing attitudes toward food abroad has helped unagi gain more popularity in foreign countries, shifting toward the same status as a savory and luxury treat (and one of the country’s summer delicacies) that it holds in Japan. Much like sushi, unagi may as well have become part of the English language, with many high quality varieties in Japan attracting foreign guests and tourists. The sauce-covered warming dish is a big crowd-pleaser, and…

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