Japanese Art

NBA Stars And Basketball Culture Transformed Into Amazing Ukiyo-e Artwork

2017-12-20 02:14

Ukiyo-e, which translates to “image(s) of the floating world,” is a genre of Japanese art that thrived from the 17th to 19th centuries. Artists produced woodblock prints and paintings of everything from scenes of folk tales to erotica, and as we have seen in recent years, efforts are being made to embrace it in in modern art and pop culture. The distinct style has been used to put a new aesthetic twist on Star Wars, The Avengers, and even Iron Maiden mascot Eddie. One of the more pleasantly surprising efforts might just be Edo Ball, a series “created from the love and passion of the game of Basketball, Ukiyo-e art…

Ukiyo-e Print Bubble Wrap Gives You Art You Can Feel Free To Touch And Pop

2017-10-24 01:21

Ukiyo-e, which translates from Japanese to “image(s) of the floating world,” is a genre of Japanese art that thrived from the 17th to 19th centuries. The genre boasts woodblock prints and paintings of a variety of scenes that ranged from folk tales to erotica, many by some of Japan’s most iconic artists. Recently, there have been many creative modern attempts to re-popularize the style, such as using ukiyo-e to portray classic Star War characters, teach people about train etiquette, and make adorable kitty sake glasses. Now we’re seeing the distinctive art style used for something that is sure to please everyone–ukiyo-e bubble wrap! Source: PR Times Designed by Puti Puti,…

Japanese Animation Artist Brings Ukiyo-e Prints To Life With Charming Gifs And Back To The Future

2017-08-15 05:07

Ukiyo-e, which translates to “image(s) of the floating world,” is a genre of Japanese art that thrived from the 17th to 19th centuries. Artists produced woodblock prints and paintings of everything from scenes of folk tales to erotica, and though the number of artists specializing in ukiyo-e has diminished since the genre was at its zenith, efforts are being made to bring it back into the modern art world. Some of these efforts include applying an Ukiyo-e aesthetic to popular franchises such as Star Wars, and legendary Iron Maiden mascot Eddie. One of the more charming and eccentric examples of this we have seen lately comes from Atsushi Segawa, a…

Japan’s First Female Sento Artist Hopes To Revitalize Public Baths With Soothing Murals

2017-06-26 05:24

Bathing in Japan can be a cleansing experience on many levels, but much of the attention in this regard, rather understandably, goes to the luscious scenery and tranquility provided by the onsen baths in ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), or the beautiful hot spring towns that bring the world of Spirited Away to life. Less explored are these onsen’s more casual counterpart, sento, public bathhouses with just as rich and storied a history. Open to the public and often located in big cities, sento typically feature murals of soothing countryside landscapes, running streams, and Mt. Fuji to help instill tranquility in patrons as they bathe and forget their big city woes….

New Exhibit In Tokyo Explores The Fantastic Work Of Kyōsai–One Of Japan’s Greatest Artists

2017-03-06 04:02

It’s nearly impossible to discuss Japanese art without mentioning the name Kawanabe Kyōsai (1831-1889). One of Japan’s most unique and prominent painters, whose art may be distinguished in part thanks to his living through the tumultuous last days of the Tokugawa regime and into the Meiji period. In many ways, his paintings, which range from rich Buddhist imagery to satirical animal caricatures, can be considered a shining example of the creativity and humor produced from uncertain times. Kawanabe Kyōsai, Hell Courtesan and Ikkyu, 1871-89, Ink and color and gold on silk, Israel Goldman Collection, London Photo: Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University Kyōsai studied under the tutelage of ukiyo-e master Utagawa…

Traditional Japanese Ink Wash Iron Man Is Here To Save The Future And Ancient Past

2017-02-27 06:00

Tony Stark is a star of the Marvel Universe, a genius billionaire who invented the Iron Man suit for himself to save the world. His glowing eyes and bold red armor suit are enough to draw attention and admiration from anyone who sees him. But even though the Iron Man suit is vibrant and powerful, revisualizing it in the style of ancient ink wash paintings gives it another layer of depth and epicness that hasn’t yet been seen in the comics or movies. ikuyoan The calligraphy on the upper-right is the Japanese equivalent of “Iron Man.”(鉄男) This Japanese-style Iron Man was created by ikuyoan, a professional artist who often draws…

These Japanese Toilets Are Way Too Beautiful For Their Own Good

2017-02-17 05:15

Whether you’ve been to Japan or not, you probably know by now that for the uninitiated, toilets in Japan can be a tricky thing. Both old-fashioned Japan-style toilets and more modernized high-tech toilets present their own challenges for first timers, which is why the country has put out joking promotions instructing you how to use them, and even opened a toilet museum documenting the evolution of the restroom in Japan. While we’re content to praise that as the pinnacle of toilet glorification, it appears there is still more room to work with, especially with Bidocoro’s line of high quality toilets that are decorated with traditional Japanese art and craftsmanship. Source:…

Japanese Sumi-e Artist Brings Rurouni Kenshin Characters To Life With Brilliant Ink Paintings

2016-12-14 05:20

We’ve seen highly impressive traditional Japanese ink paintings embrace characters of popular fiction before, most recently and seamlessly seen with these Star Wars bujinga, or warrior portraits. The most appropriate subject yet, however, may be these amazing sumi-e Japanese ink paintings of Watsuki Nobuhiro’s Rurouni Kenshin characters. Fan favorites such as Saitō Hajime, Shishio Makoto, and of course Himura Kenshin seem right at home in these traditional portraits that gives the world of the wandering swordsman a very authentic and badass shine. Source: PR Times With the hype of a new story arc in the Rurouni Kenshin manga buzzing about, there couldn’t be a better time for these fearsome ink…

Iron Maiden Ukiyo-e Art Turns Eddie Into A Savage Killer Of Edo Period Japan

2016-12-12 11:40

We’ve seen modern day Ukiyo-e, traditional Japanese woodblock prints, artists look to famous rock musicians for inspiration in their work to help rejuvenate interest in the art form in the past. Thanks to the UKIYO-E PROJECT, a project headed by Mitsui Agency International CEO Yuka Mitsui, we’ve been gifted with incredibly badass Ukiyo-e prints inspired by KISS, and more recently Iron Maiden’s Eddie as a courtesan from the depths of Hell. Now Iron Maiden’s sinister mascot is back as a blood-soaked sword-wielding killer who decapitates at will with this brutal and epic Ukiyo-e piece! Source: Ukiyo-e Project The title of the piece, which features Eddie as a ruthless killer (the…

Edo Period Japanese Traditional Art Meets Italian Sports Car

2016-07-27 05:58

Behold, a collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Japan’s best known traditional art since the Edo Period, and the Great Wave off Kanagawa. The big surge of waves swallows the boat with no mercy in mind. Wikipedia auto You can see the Fuji mountain from the side, the Great Wave off Kanagawa is one of the most imporant series of “36 views of Mt.Fuji.” auto This masterpiece was all done by pure hand painting, and was named “Alfa Romeo 4C Hokusai.” Besides the wavy blue looking from the outside, the interior was also carefully crafted with denim material, a different leather as well as a different atmosphere. auto

Meji-Period Japanese Traditional Paintings Modernized By Many Cats Drawings

2016-04-21 06:24

Japanese traditional painting is one of the oldest Japanese visual arts, and it comes with a wide variety of genres and styles, such as mountains, trees, flowers, and animals. Many highly known Japanese artists pick similar kinds of topics to present, which is similar to our “pop culture,” but in a more exotic and rich meaningful way. However, Shunso Hishida refused to fill in the pop circle. It does not mean he does not enjoy it, he prefers to paint cats more than any mother nature or animals, even if it would not make him to be on the top-chart list of being recognizable, he still does so. Despite Shunso…

More Fun And Charming Miniature World Art From Tatsuya Tanaka

2016-02-04 06:28

You may remember the whimsical world of miniatures created by Tatsuya Tanaka, who uses imaginative observations of everyday objects coupled with miniature people to put together this charming Miniature Calendar. Tanaka sees a lot of fun in everyday occurrences, and uses miniatures that are no bigger than 2 centimeters to craft these cute and inspired scenes. He claims that his work is born from a shared human experience of curiosity and imagination, writing that “Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once…Broccoli and parsley might sometimes look like a forest, or the tree leaves floating on the surface of the water might sometimes look like little boats.” And that’s…

Retro Japanese Booze And Cigarette Advertisements Have A Timeless Charm

2016-01-21 06:15

While they might not all be that way, you may be aware at how Japanese advertisements can be a bombastic assault on the senses, sometimes. However, things weren’t always so animated, and these quaint and fascinating alcohol and tobacco advertisements from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Eras of Japan will have you wanting to knock back a drink back in the good ‘ol days. Several of the ads feature right-to-left text that is difficult to read and rather rare in modern day ads (unless they are deliberately going for a retro feel), and while there is a hint of militaristic propaganda in some posters, it provides just another subject to…

Japanese Demon Stockings Will Have Your Legs Looking Scary Good

2016-01-12 06:36

Japan is no stranger to interesting fashion items, especially when it comes to tights and stockings. And while you may now be familiar with all sorts of cat and fox themed leggings, you may be searching for a breather from the constant deluge of kawaii. Well, search no longer, because online store Mam Avante Garde is shaking things up with stockings featuring Japanese tattoo art, Buddhist Sutra, and Japanese Demon masks. Source: Mam Avante Garde The online store features a series of stockings and leggings, with a few incorporating “Wagara” (Traditional Japanese patterns) as a theme for several items. Of particular note are these “Hannya” patterned stockings. A Hannya is…

Trade Traditional Crafts With This Beautiful Japanese Edition Of Monopoly!

2016-01-07 06:20

Despite (hilarious) horror stories of people flipping tables in anger or playing for an entire week to finish one game, Monopoly is one of the best board games on the planet. Its popularity has also spurred countless new editions of the game, from the Star Wars Editions to the Cat Lovers Edition. Japanese Monopoly games haven’t fallen too far behind, either. And now there’s a brand new version — the Japanese Traditional Arts Crafts Edition, ZIPANGU. ZIPANGU was created by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, a Japanese company that plans, manufactures, wholesales, and retails household goods. To celebrate the 300th year since their foundation, they came up with the idea for a…