Japanese language

Kotodama: the belief in the magic power of words

2021-07-22 Thu

Kotodama (言霊) refers to the belief that words have mystical powers. It combines the word for ‘speech’ (言 koto) and the word for ‘soul’ (霊 tama). Kotodama presupposes that…

Wasei Eigo: Japan’s Pseudo-English

2020-01-28 Tue

Japanese is certainly a very complicated language. What with Chinese characters whose readings change depending on the word, and two sets of phonetic characters, it’s…

Easy Kansaiben To Sound Like a Native

2019-12-27 Fri

I visited Yokohama last month in November for an interview and caught up with some friends while I was in the area. Two are Japanese…

Japanese Voices: @17 no Gokitaku Shimasenka? #38

2019-02-08 Fri

Japanese Voices 日本語のままクールジャパン is a regular series designed for learners of Japanese to enjoy real Japanese language programming from Nippon Broadcasting System, one of the…