Sumo Wrestler Turns Into Flabby Bird In Indoor Skydiving Center’s Promotional Video

2017-12-11 10:03

Ever since the first recreational vertical wind tunnel opened in Las Vegas in 1982, it has been possible to enjoy the thrill of “flying” without the risk of jumping out of an aircraft at 10,000 feet. Especially in the last decade, with new companies entering the market and wind tunnel technology becoming more commercially viable, the number of facilities have spread more rapidly in the US, Canada, Europe and most recently, the Middle East and Asia. Although a latecomer to the indoor skydiving boom, Japan opened its first indoor skydiving center called FlyStation in a suburb of Tokyo in March of this year and the company plans to open four…

Japanese Illustrator Turns Life’s Awkward Yet Totally Relatable Moments Into Ukiyoe-Style Drawings

2017-07-10 02:18

It’s a given that life has a bottomless stock of awkward moments for us to experience. But we tend to forget that we’re all human, and a lot of what we go through are relatable to the vast majority of people just trying to live their lives. Japanese illustrator Takayuki Yamada jots down such moments and turns them into relatable haikus written alongside ukiyoe-style illustrations. Though a web designer by day, in his free time the Fukuoka-based artist conjures his alter ego Yamada Zenjidou, a haiku poet from the Bakumatsu-Meiji periods living in a modernized society. Using the voice of Zenjidou, Yamada creates artwork reminiscent of traditional Japanese art that…

15 Ingenious Uses For Binder Clips That Will Make Life So Much Easier

2016-01-29 02:53

You might think binder clips are nothing special, but Japanese lifehacker Venlee will prove you wrong in just 4 minutes. Believe it or not, binder clips have a pretty long history. Invented in 1910 by a good man named Louis E. Baltzley, they’re now often found in the darkest corners of office drawers and at the bottom of pen stands. They can easily bind stacks of paper together, but now we know they can be used for so much more. The key is the versatility of the clips. The pins are bendable and removable, so the clips can easily be taken apart and used for various situations in everyday life….