An AI Candidate Is Running For Mayor In Tokyo, Promising Impartial Politics

2018-04-11 11:04

An “AI candidate” for mayor in Tokyo is promising fair and balanced politics in a news story out of a science fiction novel. Whether it’s samurai robots, a hotel staffed by robots, or AI girlfriends, it seems that it safe to say that one should keep their eye on Japan when it comes to developments in the field of artificial intelligence. So while it seemed a foregone conclusion that AI would eventually break into the world of politics, the way we’re seeing it do so in one city in Japan is a bit surprising. The mayoral election of Tama City in Tokyo is featuring its first “AI candidate”. このポスターを見ると松田みちひとという男性が不慮の事故で生死の縁をさまよう中、大企業の極秘プロジェクトの被検体に選ばれ意識をデータ化。プロジェクトの真の目的を知った彼は意識を女性型ロボットにインストールしラボから逃げ出した……って妄想が捗る。…

Japan’s Headless Robotic Pet Pillow With A Moving Tail Now On Sale To Relieve Stress And Terrify All

2018-02-07 01:02

You may remember the therapy robot pet Qoobo, which debuted at CEATEC Japan 2017 and garnered international acclaim for its ambitious, but somewhat creepy design. Designed by Yukai Engineering, Qoobo is a “tailed cushion that can heal your heart”, and is marketed as a therapeutic robot pet cushion. While not exclusively intended to be feline, Qoobo (a combination of the French word for “tail” and the word “robot”) has been somewhat jokingly referred to as a “headless cat”. The appeal of Qoobo is in its interactive and “stress-relieving” nature. Gently stroking Qoobo results in it calmly wagging its tail, while harder and more aggressive petting provokes a more excited tail-wagging…

Traditional Japanese Inn Has Self-Parking Slippers and Self-Rearranging Furniture

2018-01-29 03:25

Few countries in the world can rival Japan when it comes to the application of robotics and automation in daily life. Automated toilets and self-opening taxi doors are some of the more famous things that surprise tourists when they arrive. Robot assistants like Softbank Robotics’ Pepper are commonplace. There’s even a hotel almost completely manned by robots in Nagasaki Prefecture, with robot clerks at the front desk and automatic luggage delivery. Now, Tonosawa Ichinoyu Honkan, a traditional Japanese inn, or ryokan, in Hakone with a 136-year history has taken a leap into an automated future, but with a more subtle approach. Source: © PR Times / © Nissan There are no…

Sony’s Upgraded Pet Robot Dog Aibo Will Steal Your Heart [Video]

2018-01-22 12:41

On January 11, in the Year of the Dog, a date which can be pronounced “wan wan wan” in Japanese, an onomatopoeia for barking, Sony revealed its third generation of its iconic pet robot dog Aibo to the world in a special ceremony at its Tokyo headquarters. Source: (C) Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd. The first 30 buyers personally received their new pets from Izumi Kawanishi, head of project development for Aibo. In what was surely an exciting and emotional scene for each anxious new owner, their new Aibo arrived nested in a soft, cushiony case, and the owners were instructed to press the activate button to bring them to life….

Japan Has A Robot Vendor That Is Very Happy To Give You Ice Cream

2017-08-30 01:40

Whether it be performing funeral rites, staffing a hotel, or simply being a terrifying poop demon, Japan seems to have a robot for everything. When its not flexing its technological muscle in more adventurous ways, however, Japan focuses on practical uses for these clever robos, and Japanese robotic engineering company Yaskawa’s Yaskawa-kun may be living out the most practical use of all–giving people ice cream. 会社にいるアイスクリームロボット。100円でソフトクリーム🍦作ってくれる😋 An ice cream-serving robot — とら(Steve) (@torachitech2) 2017年8月24日 you might remember Yaskawa from when they developed a sword-wielding robot to duel Japan’s modern samurai, but the adorable (and somewhat creepy) Yaskawa-kun is a little less aggressive, handing over soft-serve ice cream to customers…

Beloved Japanese Robot Pepper Is Now Performing Funeral Services

2017-08-15 11:42

Japanese robot Pepper introduces robot funeral services in Japan. Japanese robotics can range from downright horrifying, such as this demonic poop robot that spews fecal liquid, to practical and service-oriented, such as the robot staffed Strange Hotel. Perhaps the most emblematic of what the Japanese robotics field strives for however, is Pepper, a domestic assistant robot programmed for a variety of services and growing by the day. (Although he has been known to be pretty creepy himself) Pepper is now adding a new and perhaps niche skill to his resume, and that’s the ability to perform funeral rites and chant sutras at Japanese funerals. Source: At Press Plastics technology company…

Demonic Eyed Japanese Poop Robot That Spews Diarrhea Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

2017-08-03 11:18

Whether it’s the breathtakingly lifelike fish at Japan’s hotel staffed by robots, or Softbank’s cute domestic-assistant robot Pepper singing Beethoven in a choir, Japan’s constantly improving and impressing field of robotics seems to embrace all aspects of practicality, humor, and even a little bit of creepiness. One shining (well, not so shining) example of that is the DORODOROBO (ドロドロボ), featured at the Fujisawa Design Week in 2016. What separates it from other standout Japanese robots you may have seen? One look at it’s appearance and function should tell you–it’s a poop robot with terrifying demonic eyes that erupts in fecal liquid. You might simply write this off as another entry…

Incredibly Lifelike Robot Fish Swim At Japan’s Robot-Staffed Hotel

2017-07-03 12:20

Japan’s Henn na Hotel, or “The Strange Hotel”, recently celebrated the opening of a second branch nearby the Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture. The name of the hotel is a wordplay in Japanese for both “strange” and “evolving”, with both concepts being echoed by the fact that the hotel is staffed by robots and robot dinosaurs. Travel agency H.I.S. Co. has a vision for the hotel that offers both the excitement of Japan’s lauded robotics technology and what hopes to be the most efficient hotel experience in the world. The keyless hotel, which features 140 robots that do everything from carrying your luggage to cleaning your room, also…

Tokyo Disney Land Is Getting Its Own Robot Staffed Hotel In 2017

2016-08-08 02:51

Henn na Hotel, or The Strange Hotel, as its name translates to in English, made waves around the globe when it opened up as the world’s first robot-staffed hotel in Sasebo, Nagasaki. While some took it as the dawn of the robot apocalypse, others were intrigued by the prospect of completely artificial intelligence-manned service in a hotel, and saw it as a breakthrough in the hospitality and service industry. Now the Henn na Hotel is setting its sights on the happiest place on earth, as an announced branch will be bringing a robot staffed hotel to the Tokyo Disney resort in 2017. Android receptionists–and Velociraptors, of course. Source: YouTube While…

Robot Driven Delivery Services Expected To Launch In Japan Next Year

2016-07-28 12:05

Japan’s knowledge and passion for robotics is pretty much known to everyone, and the country has never shied from using it for fun and quirk–a Japanese university team recently even developed a robot dog. Now thanks to a partnership between the Kuro Neko (Black Cat) Yamato delivery company and mobile portal and e-commerce company DeNa, Japanese people can soon expect self-driven cars that deliver shipments right to their door. Source: Yamato Called “Robo Neko“, or “Robot Cat”, the service will allow customers to place and track their orders via a company app. Upon delivery, it is then up to the customers to open the vehicle and unload their ordered package…

Japanese Robot Dog Powered By Pneumatics Runs As Cute And Clumsy As A Real Pup

2016-07-15 12:01

In perhaps the ultimate bridge between Japan’s love of robotics and all things cute, a development team at Osaka University lead by Professor Koh Hosoda has made this lively dog robot, powered by pneumatics. Source: YouTube While it certainly seems like something out of science fiction to see a robotic dog on a leash, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that the robo-dog, called PneuHound, is actually pretty damn cute. PneuHound’s mechanical feet waddle and pit-pat with all the adorable furry of a Corgi running down the hall, and tops off at an impressive speed of 9.5 km per hour. Air pressure fuels PneuHound’s artificial muscles, and actually…

An Anime Hologram Assistant That Lives In Your Room And Controls Your Devices

2016-01-18 06:21

A world where you can live and interact with your favorite animated character may not be as far off and impossible as it sounds. Source: YouTube Well, to a certain degree. Gatebox, conceptually developed by Japanese startup vinclu Inc., is the world’s first “Hologram Communication Robot”, and is designed to access and control Internet of Things devices in your house in order to be your own personal assistant. Gatebox serves as a robotic device that projects an A.I. operated hologram of your favorite character to assist you with daily duties. Using hologram projection technology and a wide array of sensors, Gatebox is able to detect certain behaviors of its owner…

The Lifelike Advancements Of The Japanese Robotics Industry In A Revealing Photo Series

2015-11-13 06:12

“What About the Heart?” is a photo-series and book by Luisa Whitton that documents the advances of the robotics industry in Japan, and explores how these advances in technology affect the human identity. Source: Luisa Whitton She worked closely for months with Hiroshi Ishiguro, a renowned robotics scientist who is famous for building a robotic double of himself. Her photography , she explains, is an effort to provoke thought about the lifelike robotic appendages and how we divide the realms of human and robotic, if at all: “In the photographs, I am trying to subvert the traditional formula of portraiture and allure the audience into a debate on the boundaries…