Mysterious Objects in Shinto Shrine Are Not Entirely From This World

2017-09-26 Tue

Twitter user @kulanla, who was visiting Chikato Shrine in Nakanojo, Gunma Prefecture last weekend, came across something completely unexpected… 今日行った神社の謎のオブジェが気になった — くくら (@kulanla) 2017年9月23日…

Japanese Sculptor Creates Super Realistic Food Out Of Wood Blocks

2016-06-10 Fri

Niboshi are little dried fish that are commonly used in Japanese dishes (like miso soup): また木彫りの煮干し、作ってみました — 幸せな人:川崎誠二(木彫り) (@sawsnht) 2016年6月9日 Only these aren’t real…