One Scene In New Pokémon Movie Has Fans Going Crazy

SPOILERS for Pokemon: I Choose You!, obviously. Pokemon fans that have seen the recent Pokemon: I Choose You! movie, or at least had been following rumors of it online had known for quite sometime that there is a seemingly out of character scene towards the film’s end that features Pikachu directly speaking to Ash–not by simply repeating his name, but in a fully coherent Japanese sentence. The recent Northern American release, however, has come as a huge shock and caused an uproar among unspoiled fans. During a climatic battle scene where both Ash and Pikachu are in danger, Ash begs Pikachu to run for cover and get into a Pokeball….

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Evangelion’s Shinji Voice Actress Joins Sharp and Tanita Twitter Accounts in Witty Dialogue After Japanese TV Premiere of Shin Godzilla

Evangelion director Anno Hideaki’s acclaimed film Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) aired on Japanese TV on November 12th, setting social media abuzz. The day after the film aired, Twitter curation and aggregation service Togetter had several Shin Godzilla-related stories in the top ranking. One of these related an exchange between the official Twitter accounts of electronics manufacturer Sharp and weighing scale manufacturer Tanita. As explained in this story, Tanita and Sharp (or rather, the men behind the accounts) have enjoyed a bromance of sorts for the past five years, as part of a successful social media strategy that has increased both companies’ visibility and endeared the public to their humorous…

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Japanese Artist Charms With Capybara, Shoebill, and Kitty “Fake Sweets”

Japanese Twitter user and arts and crafts specialist @unamuu2014 does things a little different than previous food artists we’ve seen, who have gone as far as turning traditional Japanese sweets into adorable Shiba Inu butts. Rather than cook up recipes that end up being too cute to eat, @unamuu2014 focuses on what they call “fake sweets”–crafting adorable and artistic animals, but deliberately putting them into the shape of popular wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets. Recently, @unamuu2014 has garnered some attention on Twitter for a series of sweets shaped like Japanese manju. As you can see, the “fake sweets” manju come in the form of cats and capybara. Source: @unamuu2014 貝猫商事、再び冬の新作のお知らせです。弊社まんじうシリーズの新しい仲間として更に「迷菓カピバラまんじう」が加わりました。愛らしいカピバラの形をまんじうにまとめ上げ、こんがりと焼き上げました。お茶請けに、ご贈答等にご愛好下さいます様、宜しくお願い致します。…

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Japan Is Celebrating “Nice Boobs Day” On Social Media And Hey, Why Not?

November 8th is unofficially “nice boobs day” in Japan. 11 (for November), looks like いい(good/nice)and 8 is pretty self-explanatory. Although another possible reading is 1(い) 1(い) 0(おっ)8(ぱい) resembling “oppai”, the Japanese word for boobs. Regardless of the linguistic origins, Japanese social media loves to run with unofficial holidays, as it presents an opportunity for models, cosplayers, and even idols to dress up and post pictures that celebrate the theme of the day, whether it be sexy bunnies or cutesy maids. Now that “Nice Boobs” day has struck in Japan, girls and guys are coming out to celebrate in droves with pictures of their chests–including Kamiya Erina, who famously tried to…

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Japanese Photographer Captures Stray Ninja Cats Practicing Martial Arts

Japanese photographer Hiroyuki Hisakata has a way with cats. Well, a way with getting them pose for him at least. The photographer, who doesn’t reveal the locations he travels to, frequently visits with stray cats and brings a bag of toys to entertain them with. Outside of providing them with some much-needed playtime, Hisakata captures their dancing joy in a series of photographs that has come be called “Ninja Cats”. Source: 久方広之 Source: 久方広之 Hisakata writes that he keeps a variety of toys to catch the attention of both adult cats and kittens, who respond differently to certain ways of playing. He is also careful to keep the cats from…

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Japan Releases KFC-Scented Bath Salts Because Why The Hell Not?

Japanese KFC isn’t above getting a little adventurous in their promotional campaigns. In the past they’ve made fried chicken finger condoms available to customers, but their latest effort may even surpass the KFC bone King Ghidora in terms of outside-the-box thinking. In a collaboration with Japanese eccentric oddity shop Village Vanguard, KFC Japan is joing ramen and miso soup scented bath salts by releasing their very own Kentucky Fried Chicken scented bath salts–that actually look like fried chicken! Source: Grape Japan The new campaign introduces bath salts that are shaped like an actual piece of fried chicken from KFC, and is even said to smell just like one too! You…

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Japanese Programmer Discovers A Way To Make All Twitter Profile Photos Spin Around

Twitter users rejoice. Kosui Iwasa (@KILLEDBYNLP), a first-year graduate student at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, created a Chrome extension that will make Twitter browsing on your PC more entertaining! It’s remarkable that nobody came up with this idea before. All you need to do is visit the Google webstore here and click on the install button and voila! You’ve installed the Twitter Icon Rotator! source: @KILLEDBYNLP You’re spinning away like nobody’s business. (GIF reposted with permission) His tweet below already has over 10,600 likes and 12,500 retweets at the time of writing, and was picked up by NetLab:上のアイコンを、全て回転させるGoogle Chrome拡張機能をリリースしました! — Kosui IWASA (@KILLEDBYNLP) 2017年10月24日 —“I released…

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These Stretchable Mini-Shiba Inu Faces Are The Best Stress Reliever Ever

The adorable nature of Shiba Inu translate to just about anything, whether it be scratch and sniff Shiba Inu tummies or traditional Japanese sweets shaped like Shiba Inu faces and butts. Perhaps an-up-until now untapped source of cuteness lies in the stretchy and “mochi-like” cheeks of Japan’s favorite dog. If you’re not familiar, here’s a great example. Japanese Twitter user and crafts designer @trikotri222, however, seems to have realized that you don’t actually have to have your own Shiba Inu to experience that stretchy combination of joy and stress relief. Applying some creative elbow grease, @trikotri222 used their artistic skills with wool felt to craft this awesome stretchable Shiba Inu…

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Curious Cats Adopt Lifelike NieR: Automata Model As Their Adorable Guardian

Part of the intrigue of the world of Square Enix’s NieR: Automata is discovering mechanical creatures that show behavior that isn’t quite as mindless and automated as one might expect. You might find yourself having a similar, but more heartwarming experience of that mystery when you look at these charming pictures by photographer and NieR fan @TkmemoCom. With the help of model designer @CBJimHeart and the fitting setting (and felines) of creative space and studio PAP (@minopap5461), he was able to capture these awesome shots of a seemingly defunct NieR: Automata machine caring for some playful cats! Source: @TkmemoCom Source: @TkmemoCom The foresty space around the photo studio (used often…

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Japan’s New Giant Gundam Is It’s Biggest And Most Epic Yet

Reaction to the deconstruction and departure of the 18 meter tall landmark Gundam statue in Tokyo’s Odaiba area was bittersweet, but with the announcement that the previous RX-78-2 Gundam would be replaced by a bigger and better full scale Unicorn Gundam with special transformation abilities, complaints weren’t heard for long. This past weekend, the new and improved Unicorn Gundam was unveiled in Odaiba’s Diver City, and it is easily the biggest and most impressive Mobile Suit statue yet! 内山さんとユニコーン変形 — エイジ (@EIZ_510) 2017年9月23日 Standing at 19.7 meters tall, this RX-0 Unicorn Gundam clocks in at a one-to-one scale, and doesn’t just sport improvements in size. The new Gundam features…

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Japanese Slit Drum Inspired By Traditional Garden Ornament Makes Beautiful Otherworldly Sounds

When you think of Japanese instruments, you may be familiar mostly with the koto, shakuhachi, and shamisen, as well as how they can be used to give popular music a beautiful and traditional Japanese twist. Thanks to Twitter user @wyrm06, many even in Japan are now discovering an otherworldly rippling instrument that they had never heard of before called the Hamon Slit Drum. With 70,000 tweets, many are surprised to find out that the pings and echoes of the Hamon Slit Drum actually come from a Japanese instrument. 日本にもヤバい金属楽器はある!という事で「波紋音」です。あまりにも豊かな倍音成分がヤバくて無限。Rav drumと同じ金属製のスリットドラムですが作品ごとにランダムな切れ込みになっており、完全に自分だけの楽器になります。この個体はオーナーが中に鎖を仕込んでいてビビり音が出ます。 — サカン@世界の打楽器 (@wyrm06) 2017年9月17日 Of course, the Hamon is very similar to the Russian RAV Drum (seen below), along…

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Absolutely Stunning Photos Of Hokkaido’s Fire Walking Festival Bring Japanese Folklore To Life

Japanese festivals seem to put a priority on spectacle, whether they be magical lantern festivals that seem like they came right out of Spirited Away, or penis festivals with giant marching phalluses, guests always walk away with a sight to remember. Japan’s most northern prefecture of Hokkaido is home to a many regional festivals, but it’s dramatic fire-walking festival held in the town of Furubira may be one of its most spectacular. Source: @katuka2 While not the only fire-walking (hi no watari) event in Japan, Furubira’s festival adds a theatrical flair by having a Tengu cross a barrier of towering wall of flames. Tengu (“Heavenly Dog”) are somewhat disruptive spirits…

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Japanese Nerd And Fetish Brand Releases Gakuran School Uniform Swimsuit

While by no means a booming fashion trend, in recent years Japan has seen a growing interest in the colorful niche of themed swimsuits. While they are obviously attention-getters at any beach or poolside gathering, they also function as valuable pieces for cosplayers and models, as seen with the Shrine Maiden Bikini. Japanese fetish and design brand School Fiction has been leading the way with a fashion lineup of “sexy” swimsuits with the aesthetic of traditional Japanese school uniforms. The latest in their series takes another classic Japanese school uniform, the gakuran, and transforms it into a stylish and very convincing swimsuit. Source: School Fiction The gakuran is a stand-up…

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Japan’s First Cat Cafe On A Train Purrs To An Adorable Success

Japan’s love for cat cafes has yet to burn out. The feline trend has evolved beyond a simple opportunity to sip coffee and play with cats, and spawned interesting varieties that offer up incredibly luxurious cat host clubs, cafes with cosplaying kitties, and even opportunities to raise awareness for and adopt FIV+ cats. Recently, Japan continued the evolution of cat cafes by introducing the world’s first cat cafe train, courtesy of Yoro Railways. More photos from Sunday's first ever cat cafe train. One train in Japan with 30 kittens. For 2 1/2 hours, the cutest place on earth. #cats — Bill Adler (@billadler) 2017年9月11日 The event, hosted by Yoro…

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Shiba Inu Face And Butt Dango May Be The Cutest Japanese Snack Ever

Many traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) are lauded not only for their exquisite taste, but also their intricate and beautiful designs as well. As recently seen with a Japanese jelly dessert that reveals a different picturesque scene with each slice, many longstanding wagashi makers are looking to enhance the aesthetic qualities of these treats, but sometimes it’s the simple creative effort people apply at home that stands out the most. Take for instance, animal lover and Japanese Twitter user Nao’s (@england618) take on dango, a Japanese dumpling sweet made from mochiko rice flour. Nao has made perhaps the cutest dango Japan has ever seen, as they are shaped and decorated to…

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