Japanese Bunny Lover Gives Cute Wabbits Face Massages

Rabbits! Cute and fluffy, with their adorable faces, pink noses, cute ears… they seem to be popular almost everywhere. Of course, Japan is no exception, and Japanese Instagram accounts feature many rabbits in the cutest of poses. We’ve seen adorable rabbits enjoying their slumber, rabbit cafes where you can surround yourself by cute, fluffy rabbits to your heart’s content, stylish bunnies dressed up in traditional Japanese clothes or looking dapper in a tweed suit and cap like a miniature Sherlock Holmes. And with a 3D live action Peter Rabbit coming to movie theaters in February, rabbits are as popular as ever. Twitter user Nao (@evo3183) is the proud owner of…

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Japan’s S&M Themed Gym Literally Whips You Into Shape

“New Year, New Me” is often the crying call of those who vow to ring in the New Year with a renewed enthusiasm for fitness, and that means putting in hard time at the gym and keeping a disciplined diet. This sometimes requires a special mode of motivation, and if you’re in Japan, one extra option for that is attending a gym where a cutesy maid is your personal trainer. Now there’s an even kinkier option for those looking to get swole in Tokyo in Shinjuku’s “Himitsu no Gym” (Secret Gym)–an S&M themed gym where your personal trainer is a professional dominatrix who commands your workouts and controls your diet!…

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‘Unforgivable Moomin’ is Possibly Japanese Hashtag of the Year After Surprise Appearance in University Entrance Exam

Last weekend, students in Japan were left wondering if their future dreams had been dashed due to the inexplicable appearance of Moomin in their exam paper. The offending question in the Geography section of the National Center Test for University Admissions asked students to identify the language and setting of the classic Scandinavian cartoon. #ムーミンを許すな 良く考えるとムーミンの問題めっちゃ簡単じゃんwこのタグ潰した方がいいなw — 2月3日はTakiちゃまの生誕祭! (@taki0203yuko) 14 January 2018 The test and answers were made public afterwards, leaving even more people scratching their head. The correct answer was Finland and Finnish, but how could the student know this just by looking at a cartoon character? According to the Japan Times, Markus Kokko, counselor of press and…

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This Tokyo Cafe’s “Litter Box Dessert” Is A Work Of Feline Art

Cat-related goods and themed-cafes in Japan often take advantage of some creative power when crafting their releases and menus, as can be seen with the kitty fruit tart bed and the colorful Sailor Moon Cafe menu. Recently, a Tokyo cafe by the name of Artspace&Cafe MUSA took things a kitty-paw further with their menu at a cat-themed menu event they held running January 13th-14th. Of course, standard cutesy feline-inspired dishes such as the one below were on display. カレー食べるよ!(*´ω`*) — 大江戸 (@Oedo_nekosukiy) 2018年1月13日 The fairly standard cat-themed dishes aren’t what have people on Japanese social media talking, however. It’s the oddly realistic and jarring photos of the cafe’s dessert,…

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Japanese Hot Springs Town With Taisho Era Charm Is An Otherworldly Winter Wonderland

A wintry coat of snow can make the best sightseeing spots of Japan even more appealing, as we’ve seen in Kyoto, for example. However, in terms of picturesque beauty and charm, one of our favorite winter spots has to be the hot springs town of Ginzan Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture. Ginzan Onsen (銀山温泉, Silver Mountain Hot Spring), which draws its name from an accidental discovery by silver miners 400 years ago, is located in the mountains of Japan’s northern Yamagata Prefecture in an isolated area blessed with therapeutic hot springs. Thanks to its pedestrian-only access, the town never feels like a tourist magnet, even during the busy season. In the…

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Sea Urchins Fighting Over Pieces Of Cabbage Is As Cute As Food Battles Get

Fascinating though they may be and as popular as uni has become as a gourmet dish, sea urchins seem to face an aesthetic handicap in terms of “cuteness” due to lack of easily observable expressions. Fortunately, Japan keeps an eye out for such things, and Twitter user and furniture maker @cellutane01’s recent trip to Aburatsubo Marine Park in Kanagawa prefecture revealed that perhaps a hidden cuteness of our prickly friends is one of their habits when it comes to eating in groups. It appears when given the chance, the sea urchins will tackle a piece of cabbage in a tug-of-war over the prized veggie. Source: @cellutane01 @cellutane01’s photos have prompted…

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[Update] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

In a series called “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”, Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) takes the imaginative sketches of his two sons and uses his skills as a professional animation creator to flesh them out as full-blown creative collaborations. The illustrations span across all genres, introducing fantastical one-eyed monsters and cyberpunk heroes showing off the sons’ creative capacity for dreaming up a variety of characters and worlds. The series, which Romain hopes to put together in a book when all is said and done, certainly shows off two distinct artistic styles, but also gives insight into the potential world-building and…

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Profiles: Six Japanese Cosplayers To Watch [Photos and Interviews]

Based on the number of active registrants in the most popular cosplay sites and social networks, there are anywhere between 400,000 to 600,000 cosplayers in Japan today, accounting for about 0.5% of the entire Japanese population. It is increasingly common to see cosplayers on Japanese television. Cosplay culture has, to a certain extent, become more mainstream. At the same time, the profiles of popular Japanese cosplayers has diversified, some of them also being active as illustrators, models, or even as idols, musicians or DJs. In this special feature, we will showcase six talented and charismatic Japanese women who consider cosplaying an important part of their creative lives. Fortunately for our…

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Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Admits To Using Japanese Pseudonym But Many Japanese Fans Don’t Mind

Japanese amecomi (American comics) fans woke up yesterday to news that C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s newly appointed Editor-In-Chief, admitted to having used the pseudonym Akira Yoshida 13 years ago. As reported in Bleeding Cool and numerous other media sources, Cebulski wrote multiple comics under the pseudonym in the 2000s. Fans may remember the name Yoshida on the cover of popular miniseries such as Thor: Son Of Asgard, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, Elektra: The Hand, Wolverine: Soultaker, X-Men: Kitty Pryde – Shadow & Flame as well as X-Men/Fantastic Four. Cebulski has family in Japan, has lived there on and off since he was 20, and began his professional comics career editing manga….

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These Disturbingly Realistic Kirby and Waddle Dee Cakes Will Give You Nightmares

Kirby and his friends, with their simple character designs, have lended their likeness to everything from gas tanks and lingerie to meat buns, pancakes and Japanese confections. Most of the time, efforts are made to keep the kawaii factor for which the characters are loved all over the world. That’s probably why cosplayer and Twitter user Fujimori’s (@fuji_cos) unofficial edits to a pair of store-bought Kirby and Waddle-Dee cakes have caused such a commotion: — 藤森@12/3盾おじ (@fuji_cos) 2017年11月26日 For comparison, this is what they should look like. — ☆Hiraさん🐾☆ (@Hira231596) 2017年11月27日 This Kirby is unsettling enough.. source: @fuji_cos But this Waddle Dee sends chills down your spine source:…

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Japanese YouTubers’ Flagrant Food Waste Leaves a Bad Taste in Everyone’s Mouth

Like it or not, ‘YouTuber’ has become a legitimate career choice and Japan is no exception. Those who rise to popularity can make enough money to live off, through promotions and sponsored content. There are also high-profile agencies in Japan which YouTubers can join such as UUUM. はさまりました!! #youtubespacetokyo — はじめしゃちょー(hajime) (@hajimesyacho) 24 November 2017 YouTubers are often seen as the antithesis to usual manufactured media stars. They come across as more ‘real’ and as long as you can afford a camera you can make it too. This idea has captured the imagination of the next generation and a poll of elementary school and middle school students in Japan…

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Photographer Captures Stunning Moonlight Nighttime Photography Of Impressive Kyoto Temple

Whether it’s haunting nighttime alleyways, stunning sakura-filled landscapes, or even glowing factories at midnight, scenery in Japan seems to provide an endless supply of gorgeous photography material. Many of this beautiful scenery is made even more striking by the use of illumination setups in the Winter, and Byodoin Temple in Uji, Kyoto–known for its spectacular architecture–is clearly the latest example of that. Source: @nanphotography Taken by Japanese photographer Yuki Minami, these beautiful photographs show off an ongoing illumination of the temple’s Phoenix Hall, its most prominent feature. The combination of the illumination setup and the moonlight shining down upon the pond makes for an amazing scene to take in. Source:…

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Japanese Twitter Users Celebrate Awful Apartment Layouts with Worst Property of the Year Hashtag

Tokyo apartments are infamous for their tiny size and comparatively high rents. Landlords will do what they can to squeeze as much money as possible out of a miniscule space by playing interior design Tetris with the bare minimum facilities. 我が家#クソ物件オブザイヤー2017 — 玉三郎。@11/25GGNEXT (@tamasaburo_9) 15 November 2017 It’s fairly normal for a whole apartment to be just one room for sleeping, eating, cooking and relaxing, then the toilet and bath will be in a cupboard-sized separate room. Since these very basic rooms are considered the norm, when pushing the boundaries, property developers can really take it to an outrageous level. The best of these ridiculous designs are ironically celebrated…

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One Scene In New Pokémon Movie Has Fans Going Crazy

SPOILERS for Pokemon: I Choose You!, obviously. Pokemon fans that have seen the recent Pokemon: I Choose You! movie, or at least had been following rumors of it online had known for quite sometime that there is a seemingly out of character scene towards the film’s end that features Pikachu directly speaking to Ash–not by simply repeating his name, but in a fully coherent Japanese sentence. The recent Northern American release, however, has come as a huge shock and caused an uproar among unspoiled fans. During a climatic battle scene where both Ash and Pikachu are in danger, Ash begs Pikachu to run for cover and get into a Pokeball….

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Evangelion’s Shinji Voice Actress Joins Sharp and Tanita Twitter Accounts in Witty Dialogue After Japanese TV Premiere of Shin Godzilla

Evangelion director Anno Hideaki’s acclaimed film Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) aired on Japanese TV on November 12th, setting social media abuzz. The day after the film aired, Twitter curation and aggregation service Togetter had several Shin Godzilla-related stories in the top ranking. One of these related an exchange between the official Twitter accounts of electronics manufacturer Sharp and weighing scale manufacturer Tanita. As explained in this story, Tanita and Sharp (or rather, the men behind the accounts) have enjoyed a bromance of sorts for the past five years, as part of a successful social media strategy that has increased both companies’ visibility and endeared the public to their humorous…

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