Written By : George Lloyd

What is wabi sabi?

2021-07-22 Thu

Wabi sabi 侘び寂び is a Japanese concept that often has foreigners scratching their heads in bafflement. The first part of the expression – wabi –…

Kotodama: the belief in the magic power of words

2021-07-22 Thu

Kotodama (言霊) refers to the belief that words have mystical powers. It combines the word for ‘speech’ (言 koto) and the word for ‘soul’ (霊 tama). Kotodama presupposes that…

Walking the Tamagawa Jōsui

2021-05-31 Mon

The Tamagawa Jōsui 玉川上水 (River Tama Aqueduct) is a freshwater canal that originally ran from Hamura 羽村 in western Tokyo to Yotsuya Ōkido 四谷大木戸, a distance of 43…

The street art scene in Tokyo

2021-05-26 Wed

Mention street art in Tokyo, and anyone familiar with the city will wonder what you’re talking about. Sharp eyed observers might have spotted a few…