Written By : Mujo

Japanese Cat Burglar caught in the act

2021-12-27 Mon

You may have seen pet videos where dog owners discover their pup chewed up their shoes or shredded the sofa cushions. Today’s story runs along…

Hiking Kyoto’s Mt. Hiei

2021-11-10 Wed

If you happen to be in the Kansai area and want to enjoy nature for a day, then check out Mt. Hiei. Mt. Hiei and…

Getting a Japanese Driver’s License

2021-11-10 Wed

If you live in Japan, you might feel like there’s no need to get a Japanese driver’s license. Japan is well-known for its extensive public…

Cats enjoy Japanese Zen gardens too

2021-10-26 Tue

There is a style of Japanese Zen garden often seen in temples known as karesansui, which uses pebbles and rocks to represent waves and mountains…