Written By : Mujo

Japanese Beginner Violinist Inspires Others

2021-07-22 Thu

Japan is known for many traditional instruments such as the shamisen, a stringed instrument often seen in paintings of geisha who would entertain other with…

MUJI Reimagines Traditional Living Spaces

2021-07-13 Tue

The Japanese retail company MUJI is known for their minimalist aesthetic style. But did you know that they also have a real estate division? MUJI…

Nintendo Execs Share Their Love of Games

2021-07-13 Tue

Nintendo, Japan’s world-famous video game company, started its business in 1889 with the production and sale of hanafuda playing cards. In 1983, the company released…

Japanese Owner’s Cute Hamster Strikes a Pose

2021-05-06 Thu

Here’s a post to help you forget about whatever troubles you’re facing today. Meet Rei, brought to you by his owner (@hamusutachannel). (@hamusutachannel) recent post…

Shokupan Vs. Shiba Inu

2021-04-22 Thu

Shiba dog Ranmaru lives in the tranquil countryside with his owner. His owner’s older brother and sister live far away, so he regularly updates his…