Written By : Mujo

Japanese Owner’s Cute Hamster Strikes a Pose

2021-05-06 Thu

Here’s a post to help you forget about whatever troubles you’re facing today. Meet Rei, brought to you by his owner (@hamusutachannel). (@hamusutachannel) recent post…

Shokupan Vs. Shiba Inu

2021-04-22 Thu

Shiba dog Ranmaru lives in the tranquil countryside with his owner. His owner’s older brother and sister live far away, so he regularly updates his…

This Tokyo Yakiniku Restaurant Chain Allows Dogs

2021-04-22 Thu

Twitter user (@kotaro_20180626) lives with his black-furred Shiba dog. Meet Kotarō 虎大郎. 【告知】4/14(水) 18:58〜🐶🍖TBSテレビのNスタという報道・情報番組のミニコーナーにて、琥大朗が紹介されます。関東ローカルと一部地域のみで放送予定です。番組の最後のほんのちょこっとですが、ぜひぜひ〜! pic.twitter.com/UdTSzZR6qT — 琥大朗-KOTARO- (@kotaro_20180626) April 13, 2021 Ushisuke – Dine With…

Freaky Japanese Yam Looks Like a Hand

2021-03-03 Wed

Twitter user Bu (@ibukiriP) posted a picture of a peculiar-shaped tuber that’s gotten a lot of attention. (@ibukiriP) said, My cousin gave me a yam,…