Written By : Mujo

Common Jobs for Foreigners in Japan 2020-2021

2020-11-30 Mon

Foreign Workers in Japan Until Covid-19 seemingly stopped the world short in early 2020, Japan’s foreign worker population continued to grow year-to-year. According to nippon.com,…

Top 10 Slang for Young Japanese Women

2020-11-23 Mon

Beginning in 1995, Japanese magazine egg delivered the latest about gyaru fashion and featured photos of ganguro girls in the streets. © PR Times, Inc….

Juicy Fruit Retro Look-alike from Lotte

2020-11-15 Sun

Do you remember Juicy Fruit chewing gum? I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents’ house when I was younger. My grandfather had quite the…

What’s Wrong With Dad’s Curry?

2020-11-05 Thu

Mataji’s wife made curry rice for their family one day. Something about the meal made him want to share it on his Twitter account (@beppumataji)….

Kitten Controls Computer with its Breath

2020-11-04 Wed

Hideki Otsuka, aka (@cat_or_die) lives in Yokohama with his cats. He recently shared a short video on Twitter of his kitten sleeping on his laptop….