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takahashi taiyou


チャンネル開設日 2010-11-22 23:06:27


  • チャンネル登録者数 400万人 (週間 +1万人)
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takahashi taiyouのチャンネル概要

This channel is, I make a video that will be glad children. Thomas the Tank Engine is love, love is also Disney's educational toys. Thomas the Tank Engine and wood, is a fun movie for children to rejoice. Japanese toys, will come out a lot. Cars of Disney I also like. Driving McQueen toys are also collected. Wilson of Chuggington I also like. In a variety of toys, we try to make fun videos. I like also Tomica toy.
In minicar toys, I like to play. Fun, be healed, I want to play with toys made for children.
Since the wooden toys like, I want to make even wooden series of videos of wooden Thomas the Tank Engine and BRIO.

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