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後ろ足がなくても歩けるよ!特製の車イスで懸命に歩くヤギ 健気な姿に感動

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Look who's hanging with the big goats this evening! Also... Prospect is turning grey! ??

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Happy Monday ??

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Miles is going back to the vet on Wednesday for the 9th time. The hospital is over an hour away, so each time we go, we make an afternoon out of it. Special needs babies are time consuming and very expensive but WORTH IT. I believe these babies are teaching people compassion and they are an example of strength. Angel is going to visit a group of special needs children at a camp this summer! This may be her calling! If I didn't have so many supportive social media followers, I could not do this, and I'm so grateful for your support. This is the most expensive time for GOA because we are moving so that I can continue to help more babies like Miles and Angel. My husband supported me when I quit my job in NYC where I made a great salary, and now I make nothing. A big fat ZERO! He agreed to move so that I can have more space and build a barn, but this is my thing.... my dream. It's up to me to raise the funds for this. I cannot work full time with babies who need 24/7 care. I have some exciting projects in the works (like our book) to help bring in income for the rescue, but these things take time. You guys have done so much, but I need to give this one more big push. Our barn is being built next week! We are so close but I still need to raise money for fencing, gates, and some other building materials. If you appreciate what GOA is about, please consider making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation toward our go fund me campaign. I am truly grateful for any donation. $5 is amazing! We are so close. The link is in the bio. Thank you so so so much! ??

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